Last day before work

Today was my last day before starting work. I'm spending this summer working at a financial firm in New York City, and I figured I'd spend the day enjoying midtown, since it's the area I know best (and I don't know it too well either) and since I would have a hard time finding a good chunk of time to do so any time soon.

I took the subway. Bought my first metrocard. I accidentally took the wrong train and went to Brooklyn. (Whoops!) I will adjust soon I think. I am used to the Metro in DC-- the only difference is that I don't know NY very well, and there are way more lines.

I'll get the hang of it. I know it!

My first stop-- the Sanrio store. I didn't buy anything, but I loved it. Maybe after I get my first paycheck. I liked an umbrella there-- but it was $17, and I can't be too free with my money right now. It rained all day, which may have made the umbrella ever-more appealing, but I had my raincoat on, so it wasn't too bad!

Anyway I went running around the Times Square area.  Had a fun sighting of the Naked Cowboy.

(If you're not following me on vine, you should! My handle is HarperHoney. Expect more hilarious video bits like that one.)

I went to the Disney Store (naturally) to scope out the Monsters University Merchandise and start thinking about what I wanted once I started making some money. Whenever I go somewhere, I visit the nearest Disney Store. I might be a huge dork.

 I'm really digging the Monsters U folio.

The Times Square Disney Store is pretty magical. I did some more wandering through the streets of New York and snapped a few pictures of some iconic views.

I did some shopping, too! I went to my favorite bath and body store, Sabon, and got a face wash there. Their products are such quality-- paraben free, made with natural ingredients. I definitely recommend them. It's a little pricey, but it's worth it!

I also went to Lee's Art Store, "art store of the stars" where Brangelina get art supplies for their kids. It's a nice place! I bought a kraft pad and a gold pen. :)

Then I went back downtown for the most exciting event of the evening was seeing some Broadway stars at Schmackary's! A fundraiser for Broadway Cares, a non-profit dedicated to helping those affected by HIV/AIDs virus. I saw current Cinderella and Prince Topher in Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Laura Osnes and Santino Fontana, and Jeremy Jordan, original Broadway Jack Kelly in Newsies, whom you may have seen on Smash or in the movie Joyful Noise.

the dynamic trio

Classic Jeremy Jordan.

They're precious. They starred as Bonnie and Clyde together in Bonnie and Clyde! They are so cute. I was soaked from the rain, but it was worth it. I grabbed a pair of cookies for me and my roommate! what fun!

Then I dropped off a very special gift for Auntie LaVon at the Newsies stagedoor.  For the first time, I had a sharpie with me when I went to that magical autograph wall at the Nederlander so naturally I went and did some small-time vandalism.

Outside the theater, there was a real-life newsie, literally selling papes. I'm not even joking. Right at the stage door of the theater.

I see you, bro, doin' that Jack Kelly-type ish.
I also ran into Brez on his way into the theater and on my way out! He's super chill. He plays Racetrack in Newsies, but the first time I saw the show he was on as David Jacobs / Davey! I didn't snap a picture since he had to go to work, but he was so nice!

I took a cab home (I had enough rain for the day) and ate some left over chicken and mixed veggies I had cooked last night. Now I'm relaxing, changed out of my wet clothes-- you know you've been in the rain too long when your bra is soaked despite wearing a raincoat!-- and enjoying my last night before I go to work.

Wish me luck tomorrow!
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5 TV Shows That Need to be Brought Back from the Dead!

Tonight, Arrested Development returns (3:30am). I could not be more excited. Arrested Development was a fantastic comedy, but for so long the populace at large just wasn't warming up to it enough to keep it on air, despite its critical acclaim. Since so many people caught on after the fact and pushed for its return, we're now getting new episodes years after its cancellation!

I consider myself a little bit of a TV Junkie, and fairly regularly take chances on new shows. I think it's important to try new shows, because if we don't, a lot of great shows get cancelled after only a season or two for lack of regular viewers. These shows often have to compete with flashy (and sometimes trashy) mainstays and aren't given enough of a chance!

Here are 5 TV shows that were tragically cancelled and need to be brought back to television.


What does it stand for? Good Christian Bitches. This is a well-written show full of comedy and deft handling of modern social issues as framed in a very conservative and privileged setting. I was so surprised at how well they handled, for example, one woman who had a gay husband.

Kristin Chenoweth schooling Amanda Vaughn. 
Amanda came from a rich, conservative Christian home in Texas-- which she promptly ditched to be with her High School sweetheart and moved to California where she raised her kids. Now Amanda's in her late 30s and has found herself moving back in with her Momma in Texas after her husband turned out to be running a Madoff-esque Ponzi-scheme.  There are tons of unfriendly faces in her Texas hometown-- Amanda, now reformed, used to be her high school's Queen Bee and made life hell for many girls-- several of whom are now some of the most important figures in the community and double as a close-knit circle of friends. Amanda is trying to put her life back together, patch things up with her Momma and her former classmates, and raise her kids without their father, now dead.

This fantastic show with fantastic turns stars a vengeful Kristin Chenoweth opposite Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn. The comedy is absolutely wonderful and the issues facing the families are so relatable and well-drawn.You can watch it all on Hulu!

Pushing Daisies
Speaking of shows with Kristin Chenoweth, I bring you to probably my favorite TV Show ever, Pushing Daisies. It's about Ned, The Pie-maker, who aside from baking pies, also has the ability to wake the dead--but only for one minute. He uses his ability to partner with Emerson Cod, Private Detective, to solve murders. After all, it's much easier to cash in on the reward if you can ask the victim who killed them.

In the first episode, we find the Pie-maker has solved one case, only to be put in front of the corpse of his long-lost childhood love, Charlotte Charles, also known as Chuck. He touches her back to life and cannot bring himself to touch her back to death again-- but when the minute is up, someone else must die to take the living dead's place. Ned is reunited with his darling Chuck and sets off to solve the mystery of her murder alongside the sarcastic Emerson Cod! But there's one more rule-- if the Pie-maker touches something back to life, the next touch means death. Forever. He and Chuck are never allowed to touch, and meanwhile Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth) is a waitress at the pie shop who is in love with Ned, who will never love her back.

The cast is fantastic, the music is great, the writing is tight, the comedy in on-point, the love story is sweet-- I swear it's like they made all my dreams come true in this show down to the crime solving and the gorgeous Lee Pace as Ned and even the costumes and motifs-- dandelions and honeycombs and bees??
Ever since it's cancellation there has been talk of bringing it back, first as a comic book, then as a play, and I'm even hearing rumors of a musical. I hope it does someday return. Absolutely flawless television. I definitely would recommend the show. You can watch it on Amazon instant play or buy the DVDs (hint: buy the DVDs).

Jane By Design
The costumes in this show made me want to do illegal things for massive amounts of money so I could dress like this.
This ABC Family show was based on the whole Devil Wears Prada meets True Jackson VP premise. Jane Quimbey, your average girl next door with a good head on her shoulders and a passion for fashion applies for an internship at Donovan Decker, a prestigious label. She accidentally gets called in to interview for a position as Dragon Lady Grey Chandler Murray's assistant. Not one to refuse a paid position since she is orphaned and living with her adult brother who isn't exactly rolling in the dough, Jane gets hired and accepts the position despite still being in high school.
With the help of her best friend since childhood, Billy (which, sadly, is short for Bilbo, as in, from the Lord of the Rings) Nutter, Jane juggles her school and professional life with tons of hijinx and complications. It wasn't the most original premise, but it was executed very well! Plus, I'll admit, I was such a sucker for the costuming on this show and had a huge weakness for the Billy character.
I mean look at him.
I was crushed that they cancelled it-- especially when they decided to keep running with a show as awful as Secret Life of the American Teenager. Jane by Design was girly and totally a guilty pleasure. Was it brilliant? Ground-breaking? Astounding? No. But it was a ton of fun and I loved the characters and the costumes. The show ended on a cliff-hanger too! Do you know that frustration you get when a show ends without the couple you need to get together getting together?

Eli Stone
This is pretty much like, a summary of the whole first season.
Eli Stone stars Jonny Lee Miller, now on Elementary as Sherlock Holmes, as the namesake Eli Stone. He speaks in an American accent in this, which at first was quite off-putting for a while since I couldn't process his face and that voice together, but I grew to love the show. It's about Eli Stone, your typical uber-successful lawyer who works to make sure the billion dollar company keeps their billions even if it screws over the little guy in the process. One day he has a hallucination involving George Michael (yes, THAT George Michael, the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go George Michael) and he starts to worry for his sanity.
He discovers he has a brain aneurysm which could kill him at any time. He continues to have these hallucinations and in an effort to treat himself, goes to see a Chinese herbalist-- who isn't as Chinese as he pretends to be for business, but is in fact something of a spiritual guru for Eli and is convinced that Eli is a prophet. As Eli takes the cases God wants him to, following the messages in the hallucinations, Eli changes lives.  (That means, yes, God manifests himself as George Michael in this show. I hope you're already on board, because I sure am.)He stops being the guy whose life is centered around comfort and money and starts using his skills to fight for the little guy, though it places him in peril both at work and at home. He struggles with a faith he never really had and tries to come to terms with it all.
Look at all those struggles.
I love struggles with purpose/faith/grand destinies. I think everybody does. The cast is great, I have such a thing for Victor Garber in this show! Plus, you know I'm a sucker for musical numbers.

It's a really great series, cut short after 2 seasons. I doubt it will ever come back, but I do think it is worth the watch. Catch it on Hulu.

Young Justice
Wow, I got so far into this list seeming pretty much like an adult. Such things are always short lived. Yes, there is a cartoon on my list! It's a really well-done cartoon, with rich plot and character development, great voice acting, and lovely animation and visual direction. It is like Teen Titans in that it centers around a group of teen heroes independent of but connected with the Justice League.
Can we talk about this animation here? It's gorgeous.
Why this was cancelled, I wish I could fathom. The show was so fantastic. It was like a more mature Teen Titans, which, of course, I loved growing up. And with voice talent like Yuri Lowenthal (alum of William and Mary, '93 I might add) and Jesse McCartney (as Robin/Nightwing, which is probably one of my favorite voice-casting decisions ever made), it was such a strong show full of twists and turns. To be honest, it was totally badass.
Like, look at these ladies. They were totally kick ass.
I want this cartoon back, and there was a huge fandom backlash when it was announced that it was being cancelled which I'm sure you can google yourself if you're interested. If you loved superheroes growing up, this is an excellent show to check out.

Wow, writing this post has given me way too many feelings of abandonment. I'm going to cozy up and watch the new Arrested Development to dull the pain...

Do you miss any cancelled shows? Which shows do you want brought back?
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Check out my Guest Post - Free Adventures!

I just did a guest post on!

It's all about how to find free and cheap things to do when you move to a new city, like I am for my internship this summer.

Check it out here! 

And don't forget to follow me on my other social media outlets, where I'll be posting things I do this summer in New York!

twitter - @HarperYi
instagram - @harperyi
Harper Honey on facebook

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Honey-Vanilla Frozen Coffee Cubes in Milk

Have I mentioned my penchant for honey and vanilla flavored goodies? I have? Okay good, so this is no surprise to anyone. Honey is good for everything from soothing a sore throat to helping to remove bad bacteria from your system to forming antibacterial seals that help cuts and burns heal faster. It's the only food in the world that never spoils (so basically, it's magic).

I used to do black coffee with a ton of sugar during late nights in high school, but I don't like to play that game anymore. I like having cute, fancy coffee drinks much better!

Honey-Vanilla Frozen Coffee Cubes in Milk

Brew some coffee / Mix in honey to taste and a couple drops of vanilla extract / Pour into ice cube tray / Let freeze over night / Pop cubes into glass / Pour milk over it / Serve!

Refreshing and perfect for summer! Plus, you can prepare cubes ahead of time and have the coffee boost instantly throughout the week since frozen coffee keeps better than tepid left-on-the-burner-for days coffee does. I put a lot of honey in my coffee so it makes the milk nice and sweet as it melts. You can also use these in blended drinks for home made blended ice coffees, and save yourself the $5 you'd blow at Starbucks
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Interview with Vizcaya Swimwear Designer and Miss Virgin Islands, Lisa Opie

Last spring, I got to meet swimsuit designer and this year's Miss Virgin Islands, Lisa Opie, while putting together the Her Campus Mid-Atlantic InterCollegiette Conference. Lisa is absolutely amazing-- smart, talented, and ambitious. She's currently raising money to go to the Miss United States pageant while preparing to launch her swimsuit line's store. I decided that I wanted to interview her for my blog! I get to meet so many wonderful people through business, friends, and pure chance, and it feels silly to keep them all to myself. Read on to learn more about Lisa Opie and her many inspiring ventures, and to learn about how you can help this recent grad and new business owner make it to the Miss United States Pageant!

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Packing for My Summer Internship (with a deal from Residence Hall Linens!)

I'm moving again in a couple of weeks, not back home, not to school, but to the glamorous and grimy New York City.

Since packing up everything at school, and unpacking it all again, I've realized that I need to pare down what I take with me to just the essentials. Why pack an alarm clock when I've since switched to my iPhone? How many jeans do I actually need? Will I ever get to all those books? Why do I have 30 notebooks?

In general, I think I've struggled with prioritizing. What are things that I actually need, versus what don't I need, versus what might I need potentially on occasion? The apartment I've found is a shared space and is fully furnished and even has a kitchen!

So here are things that I think I absolutely need to pack.

1 - Computer, phone, and associated chargers. Obviously. I have to stay in touch, know where I'm going, and be able to do so all summer.

2 - Wallet & Purses. I have a big businessy purse (by Kate Spade, of course) that I can take to the office and can hold tons of stuff I'll need at my internship, like a notebook, planner, and a laptop-- as well as a water bottle, snacks, and whatever else I need for the day. I also have a shoulder bag that's more appropriate for everyday outings, since it isn't as bulky and goes with just about everything. Then I have a little wristlet in case I decide to go out one night.

3 - Bedding. Most of my time spent in the apartment will be time spent sleeping. It's really important for me to get decent sleep in order to be able to function at my internship-- especially if I want to be able to do so without relying on those pricey coffee drinks I so adore.
4 - Towels. Gotta shower, gotta get dry.

5 - Rolling 3 Drawer organizer. It serves as a nightstand while keeping my stuff put away. It's great for keeping my makeup and stuff off the bathroom counter and in my space instead. I also like to put my journals in the top drawer so I can write before bed.

6 - Toiletries and Medical equipment. Basically one category. Your soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, razors, brush, prescriptions, bandaids, neosporin, perfumes, the usual.

7 - Business & Everyday clothes. I need to get more clothes. I blame my constantly fluctuating weight. I'll be shopping this week to get some button down shirts, a couple more skirts, and some shorts. Also a pair or two of shoes. I'm using Lauren Berger's Packing List for a NYC Internship as my guide on what to buy for businesswear.

8 - A few books. I'm putting together a summer reading list for myself so I should have a productive summer. Lauren Berger wrote All Work, No Pay, the book above. She is, afterall, the Intern Queen!

9 - Planner and notebooks. My planner, journal, sketchbook, and a notebook for work.

10 - Laundry stuff. Detergent and dryer sheets to keep my clothes clean!

11 - Accessories. Watch, necklaces, hair ties etc. Gotta dress up my outfits. Switching accessories can make my wardrobe's outfit options expand.

12 - Coat, Rainboots, and umbrella. It rains everywhere sometime.

+ Coupon!

While I'm preparing to move out in a couple weeks and my sister prepares to leave for college in the fall, I'm pretty happy to announce that Residence Hall Linens is offering my readers $25 off on their Value Packs, which include bedding, towels, and more! You can choose your value pack to determine what you get and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Shipping is already free! Just use code "MAYSAVE25RHL" to get the discount!

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How to Trade-In Your Textbooks etc. with Amazon

Somehow, I was under the impression that everyone knew that this was a thing, but apparently a lot of people don't. So, here's a way for you all to make some money off of your stuff, probably textbooks, and get back more than you would at the campus bookstore.

Amazon buys books from people in exchange for amazon credit. It's super convenient and easy, especially since you're definitely going to be using amazon again.

1 - You can search the trade-in store to see if your book/DVD/game/electronic/music is eligible, and then add it to a sort of reverse shopping cart. They give you an estimate on the amount they'll give you for each title, which may not be the same as the amount you get, depending on the condition of the book.

2 - Verify the ISBNs by typing in the ISBNs on the back covers or inside covers of your books. After you're done adding all the books available for trade-in, you can hit continue.

3 - When you're done adding titles and ready to "check out" you'll be given a prepaid mailing label and an invoice/estimate sheet. They'll ask you to select whether you'd rather have the item shipped back to you, or have them just credit you the lower amount for the item.

4 - You can use any size box so long as it fits everything, and they recommend that you try to fill any negative space to prevent shifting and damage during the shipping process.

5 - Put the estimate sheet on top, close the box, seal it, and tape the prepaid label on top. Send it off to amazon within 7 days and await either the credit to be added directly to your amazon account, or for an amazon gift card to be attributed to your account.

It's super easy, so I'd definitely recommend it if you're still trying to get rid of your books, or are just hoping to pull in some extra money. If you have any other questions, Amazon's got a whole section of help guides dedicated to Trade-Ins.
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Summer Reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

You may have heard of Stephen R Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which was a huge bestseller in the last decade (it's weird that I'm old enough to say things like that from experience). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens is written by his son, Sean Covey, and is based on his father's work, written and formatted to be more relatable to teens. Both books are designed to help you become a better you, by teaching you how to engage in habits that strengthen your character and help you lead a more productive, fulfilling, and happy life.

Overall, I liked the book. It's a fairly quick read. It definitely is geared more towards teens-- myself having just left that pack by turning 20 in April, I found it a little less relatable than I would have had I read it in middle or high school. The language is very conversational which I thought was fitting given that it was written for kids in high school. Overall though, the book has a really good message and is organized in a way that makes sense. The 7 habits are definitely going to become a part of my lifestyle, and I think doing so will make me healthier, happier, and more productive!
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Advertise on HarperHoney!

As I become more and more serious about this blog, I also find myself approaching it as a way to help support myself. I spend a lot of time on this blog and in the past few years, it's really grown and I hope to continue to grow my blog. I get around 5,000 hits per month right now and I'm hoping to grow my blog continuously.
advertise to young women in college on!

I'm now taking advertisers for my blog! I've had some ads by GLAM on my blog before but that was through them. I'm now taking my own ads. This will help me supplement my income as a college student (yes, the rumors are true, we ARE mostly poor). I'm hoping to save up for a nice camera, since all the photos on this blog right now are taken by iPhone, and while I think I do a pretty good job of it, I would like to work my way up to a nice Nikon SLR.

And, you know, it's nice to be able to pay for food and gas and the like.

I'm hoping to get ads that would interest my readers who are mostly younger women and college students. I'm up for other blogs, etsy shops, online retailers, whatever. I can make your ad for you if you don't already have one. For details check out my advertise page.

As per usual, I'm still open to working with brands on creating giveaways, doing reviews, etc. You can contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

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Window Shopping: Summer in New York

This post contains affiliate links. This means, if you decide to buy something through the links, I get paid a small commission for directing you to the lovely items.

I could not be more excited to be spending my summer in New York City at an internship in the Financial District! As I picture my summer in the city, I can't help but fantasize about what I'll wear as I pound the sweltering pavements and work in the office. I'm a visually-oriented girl, what can I say? Not to mention that New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world. I'm always inspired by the city-- the architecture, the colors, the people. I think my summer will be hard but thrilling!

[ a ] - State of Lines Dress $38 || [ b ] - Meltaway We Go Heel $30 || [ c ] - Take a Stride With Me Wedge in Coral $40 || [ d ] - Keep Up The Good Work Wedge in Tan $35 || [ e ] - Honey Outlook Dress $31 || [ f ] - Try This Angle Dress $25 || [ g ] - Whatever you Wishbone Necklace $12 || [ h ] - Full Course Load Bag - 14" $85 || [ i ] - Daiquiri Darling Sandal $45 || [ j ] - Glacial Relationships Dress $37 || [ k ] - PR Panel Dress $37 || [ l ] - Biz Is It Dress $30 || [ m ] - Just Like Honey Heel $65 || [ n ] - Juice Run Bag $190 || [ o ] - The Great Gatsby Book Clutch $265 || [ p ] Marquee Statement Necklace $198 || [ q ] - Conference to Cocktails Wedge $35 || [ r ] - Saturday Night Thrive Dress $78 || [ s ] - A Little Reflect Dress $28 || [ t ] - Like You a Lattice Dress in Black $40
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Master Thrifting / Vintage / Sale Shopping Guide Masterpost - You CAN Have Nice Things!

In my circles, I'm well known for my skill at thrifting. I started in high school and I've gotten pretty good at finding great goodies. You can check out my thrifting tag (link in the top nav bar) to see all my posts on thrifting, yard saling, and shopping vintage, but I put together some tutorials and guides on how to start living the thrifted lifestyle over the years and I'm putting them all here. Bookmark this page if you want to reference it later-- it will be updated as more tutorials are added. 



and more...

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What an Honor! Lip Magazine's Feminist of the Week

This is coming a little late, but I was Lip Magazine's Feminist of the Week last week!

Feminism is a cause dear to my heart. It's important to deconstruct the messages and images we are fed and work to be more aware of how the representations on our world reflect and distort reality. Only then can we free ourselves from the harmful messages and work towards building a better society, both culturally and institutionally breaking down outdated and discriminatory structures that hurt women, men, GSM, people of color, etc.

I did an interview with one of Lip Mag's writers, Junene Taylor, and you can read more about why I'm a feminist and my views there.

Thanks to Lip Magazine, for the honor!
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My Vintage Dooney & Bourke Shoulder Bag

Some girls are all about shoes. Some girls are about earrings. Others splurge on designer jeans. My weakness? Purses. I love purses. My favorite designer at the moment is Kate Spade, but I am a fan of vintage styles. While in New York in March, I happened upon a warehouse sale on vintage clothing and accessories in a tiny shop in Bowery. Everything was dusty, and most of it was not my style at all-- but I happened upon this Dooney and Bourke beauty tagged at $265, knocked down to just $50. It's definitely a bit worn and was pretty dusty when I bought it, but I've cleaned it up and it's got great character. Not to mention the proportions are great for me in terms of both capacity and in relation to my body.

It's a great size for me. I like carrying lots of stuff like notebooks, menus, pen sets, and my planner along with the usual suspects like my wallet, phone, lipstick, etc. so clutches and most little shoulder bags don't cut it for me. This one is really capacious with several different pockets. It's great for all kinds of weather and occasions.

I took it with me when I saw Newsies on it's first anniversary! It was my second time seeing the show, and it was fantastic!

Me with Adam Kaplan on the left and with LaVon Fisher-Wilson on the right panel.
I love this bag! Definitely one of my fave finds!

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9 Bad Decisions I Make During All-Nighters

All nighters are sometimes necessary-- but they are definitely one of those awful decisions that leads to more awful decisions. Here is a list of bad decisions I have made in pursuit of the all-nighter (or ultra late night).

Make poor dietary choices. Pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, Toaster Strudels and overloading on soda and OJ. This is what I do. I sometimes get to the point where I shove food in my mouth so that I am forced to stay awake and chew rather than fall asleep and choke on the un-swallowed lump.

Get a song stuck in my head and become unable to focus until I sing it. Luckily my dorm has a music practice room.

Try to convince my friends that I can totally handle a one hour nap. Spoiler Alert: I can't.

Go on a night time adventure. I don't usually do it when I actually need to pull an all-nighter. It's usually on a Saturday night after chilling with friends and we decide to go on an adventure! We hangout under the stars on the grass or on rooftops and just talk or tell scary stories while snacking on nutella and pretzel rods.

Obsessively check social media. My West Coast internet friends have no idea what they put me through with the 3 hour time difference. During serious exam periods, I try to cut down as much as I can. I use an app for Mac now called SelfControl (it's free!) which blocks me from blacklisted websites like facebook until the time is up-- no way around it, even if you restart your computer of delete the app! I also delete facebook and twitter off my phone.

Watch movies as a study break. I never really do this during the day. When I watch a movie during the day I am watching a movie-- no strings attached, because I know it's a significant time commitment so I don't try to make excuses about it, I just commit the time. When I do it while studying though, I somehow convince myself that it is not a significant portion of my study time and that after having worked so hard, I should unwind with a nice movie.

Caffeine binge. This is not a good idea for anyone, but it's a bit worse for me since I struggle with an anxiety disorder. For the most part I can manage things and have the occasional coffee, but more than one at once is trouble. 

Cook an elaborate meal. Okay, maybe elaborate is not the most accurate descriptor for that which I can make in my dorm kitchen given the limited supplies and ingredients of my dorm-living self, but I can tell you, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the instant ramen and suspicious cafeteria food I am used to consuming on the daily. I get crazy cravings for food and these tend to intensify as it gets later into the night. Recently I've been cooking a fairly simple chicken stir-fry with veggies and rice.

Take long showers. I think the longer I stay in a shower, the sleepier it makes me. Long showers are so lovely, but they are definitely the enemy of the all-nighter!

These are my weaknesses. Somehow I am always tempted by these impulses! What are your all-nighter kryptonites?

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