Weekend Links 01.30.13

It's been a while, but weekend links are back! Sorry for seriously slacking on my weekend linking.

Philip Zimbardo delivers a TED talk on how situations can bring out the best and the worst in people-- the propensity for both great evil and great heroism exists in all of us, but which will we nurture in both ourselves and in others? How do we raise children to be heroes rather than complicit agents in acts of institutionalized evil? >>>

5 Mistakes You Made Last Semester and How To Fix Them >>>

Aladdin is coming to Broadway, and if you're not excited about it, well then, clearly you've either never seen it or you don't have a heart. Because any and every heart can be melted by Menken and Ashman. >>>

Speaking of musicals, if you haven't seen Starkid's latest production, Twisted, you are missing out. Think foul-mouthed parody of Aladdin running along the lines of Wicked. Only the good people behind the Very Potter Musicals could do such a wondrous, hilarious, heartwarming deed. (Run time just over 2 hours-- make it an event for you and your friends who are appropriately aged for swear words) >>>

11 Surprising Facts about Women and Poverty >>>

Swedish Marines engage in quality bonding by doing a fantastic recreation of the Greased Lightning scene from Grease. What they lack in dancing ability, they more than makeup for in faithfulness to the scene, down to the ridiculous magical/dream-sequence vehicle transformation >>>

A neuroscientist realizes by chance that he's actually a psychopath. Friends and family are not surprised. Despite being a psychopath, he's actually not a serial killer or white collar criminal, or whatever hollywood and the news might lead you to suspect-- and he talks about how and why he ended up so well-adjusted, for the sake of child psychpaths everywhere, who need someone to identify and help nurture them correctly or else risk letting them turn into criminals >>>

The New York Times looks into the curious phenomenon of developing world workers collectively fainting and even at times becoming possessed by local spirits, angry at the mistreatment of their home an their people. >>>

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How to Ask Smart Questions at a Job Interview

“Do you have any questions for me?”

This comes towards the end of many, if not most, interviews. But make no mistake, this is towards the end of the interview. It should not be the end of the interview. The worst way to answer this is, “no.” Saying “no” is basically the same as saying that you’re the type of person who would rather keep their mouth shut, whether out of fear or apathy, than learn  more about how the company works and how you can potentially work with it. A “no” says you probably didn’t do your research.

The fact is, it is crucial to be smart about the questions you ask, because they can say as much about you as the answers you’ve given the interviewer to this point. A good candidate is the kind of person who has investigated a company enough to know what they don’t know. A good candidate is invested enough to seek insight into how decisions are made, and demonstrate a desire to better understand the company, its business, and its culture.

Do Your Homework
Part one of asking a really good question lies in research. With that in mind, let’s start with a list of the top five things you should read/look into before an interview:
  1.  About Us, Mission Statement – What are their overall goals for the company? Who do they hope to be in the world? Where did they come from and where are they going? What are their core values?
  2. Products/Services offered – They are making a profit off of something, and you should know what it is. You may not need to know the ins and outs of every product and service they offer, but you need to have an idea of the categories of items they cover and the breadth of what it is their company does. 

Read more by clicking through to my post on WickedSmart! Learn how to study for an interview and get ideas for basic question formats that always impress.

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30 by 30: I Need Help

I think a lot of people, especially as we age, like the idea of goal setting. When you were younger your goals typically focused on getting good grades, and getting some guy or girl to like you. Maybe those are still your goals, but most likely upon getting to college and further, your goals have taken a more meaningful and mature turn.

I'm turning 21 this year, and I'm trying to really get my life in order. I decided that I wanted to create a 30 by 30 or 30 before 30 list. I've seen tons of them around the blogosphere, like this one on Endless Bliss, and I decided 9 years was good enough lead time. I came up with around 14 things, and then began to really struggle. What do I want to accomplish in 9 years? What do I care about enough to take to the next level? What can I reasonably accomplish without putting real life aside for a silly list I wrote at 20? Where do I want to be? What can I put on here that won't feel like wasted space, but a real accomplishment?

There are a few things that seem obvious:
  • Learn Spanish again, this time, to the point of fluency
  • Finish writing a book
  • Get a book published (or have a deal in the works)

There are a few that are maybe a little out there:
  • Begin beekeeping
  • Go to the D23 Expo

But after a while, I started to really struggle to think of things worthy of becoming part of this list. Part of it is due to having had a lot of cool experiences-- holding a human brain, going backstage at two Broadway shows, winning a playwriting competition-- these are all things I've already done, and feel really good about. Not that I'm complaining, but it makes it harder though to think of stuff I'd like to do, maybe because the memories of some high points in my life are blocking new ideas from seeping into my brain.

So I started looking around, cruising for ideas. I hit up bucketlist.net to try to get some inspiration. After all, a 30 by 30 list is basically a mini bucket list with a time limit you actually know about-- which is good for goal setting. It helped a little, but most of the ideas were in several categories of no use for my goal-setting.

  • Something I could literally accomplish tomorrow, without any real effort, and therefore deserves to be on tomorrow's to do list, not a 9 year goals list. "Sing a song for a friend" is not bucket-list worthy in most cases. Unless you have a medical condition or a psychological condition that currently makes this really difficult or impossible, this is a pretty boring thing for a long term goal list.
  • Something very, very strange that I have no desire to do. "Make a blood oath" and "Give a friend a racist gift basket" were ideas posted on the site. I don't even know what a racist gift basket is and I hope I never encounter one.
  • Ridiculous, borderline idiotic things. Apparently "throw a dart at a map of the world and go where it lands" is a pretty common one, but why would you want to do that? What if it lands in the ocean? What if it lands on a war zone? How much is this going to cost you? Should you really take two months to travel to India just to prove a point to yourself, when maybe a better goal might be, "buy my own house" or "put away $10k for retirement"? Other things included "try crack cocaine" (WHY?)
  • Things I just don't think I'll follow through on. Learning to play another instrument, for example, is not something I'm sure I want to commit myself to doing in the next 9 years. A Bucket Lister, maybe, but not an item for my 30 by 30 list.
  • Things I literally don't care about. "Go to a music festival" is a really popular one, but I am totally and completely not interested in this. I like music, but I don't think it's my scene at all. In terms of interest, this is akin to "climb a mountain" where if you want to do it, I see the appeal, but I'm not down at all. 
  • Things I think I'll regret later. I guess this kind of goes along with the ridiculous one, but it's a little different, because I can definitely regret something that doesn't sound all that ridiculous. For example "watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's." It sounds and looks so romantic, but I've lived in New York and asked people about it and it's awful. You can't leave. You can't move. You stand literally all day for like 20 hours. You don't really get to eat. People wear diapers because you can't just leave to pee. WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT?
  • Things I don't have enough control over to make happen. There are things you have a hand in, and there are things you don't. I think the things you can't reasonably do just by going after it, shouldn't go on your list-- for example, meeting a celebrity. Why waste an item on your 30 by 30 list on something you can't go after?
I don't know, maybe I'm kind of wrecking the fun of the exercise by being so pragmatic about it, but for me, these aren't dreams like with a bucket list-- they're goals. I want to have actually crossed these items off my list and felt good about them. I don't want to turn 30 and either have a list full of things I decided weren't worth doing or have a list of things I've done that mean nothing. So I turn to you, dear audience, for your help.

What are you putting on your 30 before 30 list? Where did you get your ideas?

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HAUL: Back to School Shopping at Office Depot!

I just did my back to school shopping this weekend. William and Mary is kind of odd in that we start our semesters on Wednesdays-- it kind of gives you the chance to travel back to campus without weekend traffic and settle in. And let's be honest, the first couple days are mostly just going over the syllabus anyway. So it was nice to have a weekend after just a couple days of class to get situated.

The good folks at Office Depot invited me to come shop in their stores with a gift card in exchange for a little blog-love for all my back-to-school needs. So off I went to the local Office Depot! (PS. Be sure to read through to the end to get a sweet Office Depot discount from me!)

I am one with the office supplies, just as I had always dreamed.
Office Depot had a great selection. They also had a lot of products of the same category with different options for different price points, which I really appreciated. It's good to have the nice version of a thing for when I want to go for high quality and a more affordable version when quality isn't as a high priority as my budget.

I like how pretty the notebooks were. I bought four composition books.

I needed a calculator for statistics work too. They had an impressive array of various calculators for various budgets. Even within the scientific category subcategory, they had at least three models from Texas Instruments! All different prices and features. (Thank goodness I'm no longer taking classes that require a graphing calculator.)

See Jane Work is my FAVE.
My favorite part of the shopping trip was seeing the See Jane Work line. See Jane work is basically my new obsession. I found it while cruising through organizational blogs (am I organized? Somewhat, but I'm not good at making my spaces look pretty, even if I know exactly where everything is.) and fell in love with the site. It basically combines my dreams of becoming a high-powered career woman with my fantasies of living a photogenic lifestyle, surrounded by nice things that make people think "wow, she has her life together." Maybe that's a little consumeristic but what can I say-- new versions of me are easier to picture with the appropriate accessories.

So here's what I got!

Left-to right, top-to-bottom
Loose Leaf - It's not the top priority for me, given that I also bought a bunch of notebooks, but It's good to have in case the professor asks us to "Get out a sheet of paper" and I'm struggling to rip out a sheet from my composition book.

One Spiral Notebook - I really love spiral notebooks. They're a lot easier to write in. The problem presents itself when I start doodling with the idea that I can just rip it out later-- this is why I favor composition books for most schoolwork.

TI Calculator - I'm going to need this for my Marketing Research and Research Methods for Psychology classes! It was really affordable, actually.

4-Color Pen by Bic - Color-coded notes and diagrams can be done on the fly with one of these babies!

Magazine File by See Jane Work - Magazine Files revolutionized my desk shelf. No exaggeration. Plus, the See Jane Work Collection was so cute! I have a few magazine files from Target already, but I can tell you that the See Jane Work ones are sturdier and have a lower center of gravity, making them better book ends-- my Target ones kept tipping over!

Four Composition Notebooks - As I mentioned before, I prefer the feel of writing in a spiral, but I stay on track better in a composition notebook. I got four really cute ones!

3 Hole-punch - I was living with a crappy ruler + 3 hole-punch from Staples. You know how effective and easy those are to use? The answer is not at all. NOT. AT. ALL. I had to upgrade. I'm really pleased with this low-end Office Depot brand hole-punch. The one draw-back is that there's no edge guide to make sure the hole is punched in the same place every time-- but this was like $5 cheaper than the other models, so I'm not complaining.

Plastic Tower of Office Supplies - I love office supplies. One that I was really looking for was rubber bands to hold things together. There aren't many frequent cases where I need a rubber band, but those times when you do need a rubber band, there's really no substitute. I was going to get a pack of rubber bands, but then I saw these babies and I realized that I also would very much like those pretty colored binder clips. (I honestly didn't need the colored paper clips-- I have a whole school box FULL of them) I figured after I finish, the tower would come in hand for organizing other things.

Foray Colored Pens - I love a set of nice colored pens. They give me life.

Wite-out tape - If you've never used this, you're missing out. It's a life-saver.

To-Do List pads from See Jane Work - These are the best. Who doesn't love a good list? These super cute pads are literally made for them.

Post-its - An essential.

Eraseable highlighters - DID YOU KNOW THIS TECHNOLOGY WAS AVAILABLE? BECAUSE IT IS. IT'S AMAZING. I've already played around with it tons. These are super cool. I needed highlighters anyway, so I figured, why not?

So that's my Office Depot Haul. As promised, I have a deal from Office Depot to offer you! If you click this link right here, you'll get $10 off a $50+ purchase from Office Depot! Do you know how awesome that is? That's a whole Chipotle meal right there my friend. Do it for the non-dining-hall food.

What is your favorite thing to back-to-school or office supply shop for?

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Valentine's Day Looks

Full disclosure - I got affiliate links up in here, which means if you buy something, I get a small percentage of it since I brought you to the site.

Day1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Night6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Valentine's Day is less than a month away! I really like Valentine's Day because it sort of gives people an occasion to do something bigger, better, and pink-and-red-er than usual for people they care about. This year, I am single, and planning on staying that way til graduation-- I am ever-doubtful that any guy would be willing to move to New York with me after graduation, and that's a lot to ask of someone anyway, so I'm planning to remain unattached until I can put roots down in New York. Long story short, can't catch me!

That said though, I still love Valentine's Day and helping my friends with date ideas and stuff, so I couldn't just not talk about it on my blog. Modcloth has a really cute selection of Valentine's Day items I'll be highlighting over the next month. Today, I put together a day look and a night look for Valentine's Day.

Here's to hoping you have a great Valentine's Day with your significant other, with friends, or by yourself :)
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Guest Post: 5 Statement Pieces to Make a Small Space Pop

Hey all! I'm in limbo having to start back at school this week, but I have a guest post for you by Naomi Shaw on making your small dorm room or apartment look great with some easy tips. The new year is a great time to refresh your living space! 
-- Harper

Small living spaces often have the potential to create challenges, as far as design goes. The ultimate goal is to infuse the space with your personality, really making it stand-out, but in the end, it somehow falls short. So you give up and go on living with a drab space.

However, those lackluster living quarters end here! A room or home with minimal square footage is no reason to dodge the decor you long for, but aren’t sure how to pull off. With a few tricky statement pieces, incorporating your sense of style becomes a breeze. And small spaces? You’ll never fear them again. 

Here are five pieces that you can use to really make your small space pop.

Pop the Windows

Windows are a huge asset for a small space. Play them up to make your tiny abode seem bigger by using light and airy curtains. Sheer window coverings allow the light to filter in, yet still provide privacy. Light and airy sheers let light filter in, yet still provide privacy. To create the illusion of even larger windows, hang your curtains higher and wider than where the window is actually framed.

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
Introduce Light

Lighting as a statement piece? Perhaps it’s not something you’ve considered before, but in a small space, the right lighting really packs a punch. Just like windows can help to make a room that is limited on square footage seem larger, several sources of good light can also make a small space seem bigger than it is.

When it comes to choosing your lighting, think outside of the box. Stringing up white twinkle lights provides a cozy feel and amplifies your room. A combination of unique lamps provide your own creative touch and when grouped together, shine up on the ceiling to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Big Artwork

Don’t think that small pieces of art are the only things that work in a small space. Quite the opposite! Large pieces that feature bold colors and patterns are often just what a tiny room needs. Without going overboard, choose some pieces that will make a dramatic impact and completely change the style of your living space.

Wall Decals

Painting the walls is one of the best ways to change up the look of a space and make it seem bigger than it really is. Similar to painting, wall decals are also the perfect solution to a lifeless space. And while thoughts of a children’s room, with cartoon character stickers on the walls might come to mind when you think of decals, they have become a wonderful way to show off your flair even for the most sophisticated rooms.

Decals come in a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns, and designs, all of which allow you to infuse your space with your personal style. They are easy to apply and painless to remove, so if you feel the need for change, you can do so on a moment’s notice.

Legged Furniture

Furniture has the power to make or break a room, so it’s very important to choose your pieces wisely. While you may love the ottoman with small, stubby legs, unfortunately, it’s not going to do much for the look of your room. Pieces that have short or no legs cause things to appear smaller and more closed in. Instead, opt for furniture with clearly visible legs that err on the longer side. These help to open up your room, making it much bigger. 

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Don’t let a lack of square footage limit your style. Think of it as a challenge to overcome and choose statement pieces that reflect your personality, without being too overwhelming. And the next time a friend complains about a room being short on space, you’ll know just how to help.  

Naomi Shaw is a freelance writer in Southern California. She loves finding new decorating tricks to change up the look of her home without having to spend a lot of money. You can find her on facebook here.

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After Midnight Review + Meeting Dulé Hill!

So, as a decent number of you know, I really enjoy live theater, especially musicals. I'm in New York to hopefully grease the wheels on a career here but since I was in town, I decided that my trip would not be complete without seeing a show.

Granted, I've been pretty good about money on this trip. My only real expenses have been transit fees and food-- and even then I've been scrimping by eating granola for breakfast, grazing on the catering platters that the companies I visited had put out, and at times skimping on lunch when not starving. I've been to New York enough times that I'm not here to shop-- I'm here to experience the city. My favorite experience to invest in is Broadway and Off-Broadway productions.

While there are a long list of currently running shows I've wanted to see, I decided pretty quickly what my priority was: seeing Dulé Hill.

You're probably familiar with Dulé Hill's work, if not his name. He won two Screen Actor's Guild Awards for his role as Charlie Young on the West Wing (a role for which he was also nominated for an Image Award and an Emmy), and now he's in USA's long-running series ever, Psych, alongside James Roday as Gus, Shawn the fake-psychic/real-detective's best friend and partner-in-(solving)-crime.

He also probably stole your heart in the movie Holes.

This line is the "As you wish" of the 2000s
In addition to having excellent comedic timing, and captivating skill as an actor, Dulé is quite the singer and he's a phenomenal tap dancer. He's shown both of these amazing talents off in Psych (which I will admit to having marathoned the then-entirety of twice) in several episodes. I am a sucker for musical talent, especially vocal since singing was a big part of my life, but tap-dancing is incredibly impressive to me. Long-story short, I love Dulé and I needed to see him sing and dance live. He is currently on Broadway doing a show called After Midnight.

Shows come and go on Broadway, so if I want to see a certain show, there's a decent chance I could eventually find a production of it later, either on Broadway, on tour, or at a local theater, but actors often leave shows to work on other projects-- it's the nature of the business. An artist can't do the same thing, 8 times a week, forever. I had dreamed of seeing him live and we just happened to be in the same city, and he happened to be performing, and I happened to have the money to buy myself tickets. Stars aligned. It was Dulé or die, so to speak.

I booked tickets. Or rather, I booked the wrong tickets. After a long day of running around the city to various offices I hit the Tuesday a week after the day I intended to see the show. My 2am freak-out over blowing money on a show I wouldn't even be in town to see had a happy ending, as the good people at Ticketmaster met my frantic email with a lot of support and swapped my ticket out for same-day tickets without even charging me any fees. Much love to Ticketmaster!

The show was great. It's not plot-centric like many people are used to with shows like Wicked, RENT, or Annie. If those shows are novels, this show is an anthology of thematically cohesive poetry. By that virtue, it's also a short show: an hour and a half as opposed the the two and a half hour shows that are more typical of musicals.

After Midnight is a celebration of Harlem Renaissance culture through music and dance. There isn't really dialogue in the show, but the character work, choreography, and music really bring the mini-stories within the show to life. Every single one of the cast members, dancers, and musicians was extremely talented and well-showcased throughout the show. To me, it was a joyous celebration of Harlem Renaissance era attitudes and music, an era that was so incredibly rich, culturally, but is generally de-prioritized in a lot of school curriculum-- and a lot of people sort of close the book on that chapter of American history after that.

This show breathes life into that radical, vibrant, exciting time in America when Black artists created a movement that changed music, literature, poetry, art, and the way Americans of color were seen in society. (Don't let that short list fool you, though. It was a time of radical changes in politics of race, class, and gender, and Harlem became a center for both those who felt marginalized by the outside. It was a time when many were only beginning to find their voices.) It reinvents the era a bit for the modern age by incorporating more contemporary styles of dance (as well as some slightly anachronistic, but wonderfully expressive costumes) to really bridge the gap between then and now. The choreography was wonderful in that it communicated the stories within the music in a variety of languages, from tap dance and traditional forms of dance to breakdance and those styles more associated with recent decades. The show eases you in with a sense that you are taking a journey to the past-- but then slowly awakens you to the fact that the feelings, the joy, the life experiences and emotions expressed in the music are really very similar to life today. This show about life in a different time becomes about life in a different time.

This show was a lot of fun. It was a joy to watch and was very much an immediately gratifying experience, rather than having to keep track of all the happenings and experiencing plot-tension. Not at all to say though, that the show is shallow.The artistry of the performers as well as the choreographers, lighting designers, costume designers, set designers, original songwriters, and other creatives communicate a lot of complex ideas and complicated experiences: from falling in love, to man trouble, to the idea of actively choosing to make life a celebration. I think the show's de-emphasis of overarching plot makes it a fantastic vehicle for the artists to really showcase their craft. One of the cardinal rules of storytelling is "show, don't tell," and After Midnight's sparse speaking parts makes each character/player's story all the more dependent upon the brilliant performance of each of the artists to show us who they are and how they feel about themselves and each other. They succeed.

I also have to give a huge nod of appreciation to the costume designers. I took special not of how much I love the costumes, which really stayed true to the spirit of the era. They were all lovely, impressive, and worked so well to communicate story and character, and even enhanced the choreography.

I was very lucky to get a chance to go backstage. Actually, no that's not accurate. Lucky is having a vending machine give you two sodas when you only paid for one. I was incredibly, absurdly fortunate to be invited backstage by one of the trumpet players. It was so incredible wonderful of Bruce, not only to invite me backstage out of the blue, but to even introduced me to Dulé! Every single person I met backstage was very nice and very warm towards me, but Dulé was a dream come true! Bruce really did something so amazing and fantastic for me. I cannot thank him enough for his warmth and generosity.

To be honest, I knew he was going to be really cool (you don't develop that much talent in that many areas without being pretty damn awesome) but he was at least nine times cooler than I even imagined. He was a very sweet, nice person, who both put on no airs yet absolutely radiated charisma. He was nice enough to sign my Playbill for me.

"Harper: Thanks 4 the love."
He was wonderful. The show was wonderful. Every single one of the performers proves themselves as an artist and I had such a great time. So much love to both Dulé and Bruce, as well as all of the other performers at After Midnight.

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Music Haul: Post-Christmas Spree

I love when I can buy new music! I have a lot of varied musical tastes that I like to indulge. Here's some of my new music.

Better Together EP - Fifth Harmony

 I bought the Better Together EP because the price was pretty low and I like the majority of the Fifth Harmony stuff I hear. I like their vocals and the pop/dance-y-ness of the music. If you like girl power pop groups you'll probably like them. They're kind of like Dream from the early 2000s except more "now".

Low High Low EP - Max Frost

 I had never heard of Max Frost before I decided to troll through the under $5 albums section of Amazon. I was intrigued by the cover art. The album doesn't disappoint. It's kind of a bluesy/rockabilly album with electro themes.

Tie The Knot - Jesse McCartney

 I love Jesse McCartney. His latest EP has a lot of this 70s pop vibe that's been coming back recently. I'm really feeling it! I didn't end up buying the whole EP, because I typically don't listen to a lot of pop ballads. In general I don't buy entire albums to begin with. I did buy this song and the next song.

Back Together - Jesse McCartney
This is the single off the "In Technicolor Part 1" EP and I love it. It's upbeat, catchy, and it's got that 70s vibe I've been into lately.

Next To Normal (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

 Next To Normal is one of my favorite musicals. It's the story of a family struggling with grief and mental illness. I highly recommend checking it out. It's sort of a rock/pop musical. The story itself is beautiful but the music is so phenomenal. It's such a relatable story for anyone who has a personal experience with mental illness.

Watching You Watch Him - Eric Hutchinson

 I love Eric Hutchinson's music. I love his songwriting and his bluesy light sound that just makes you want to listen to him all the time. Also he has a great personality-- his live albums are extremely entertaining to listen to.

Oh! - Eric Hutchinson

Outside Villanova - Eric Hutchinson

Get Lucky - Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell)

I love this song. I love Daft Punk but add yet another of these 70s themes and Pharrell and I'm absolutely in heaven.

Timber - Ke$ha (ft. Pitbull)

 This is such a fun song and I love Ke$ha. I kind of like that she kind of went back to her Nashville roots with a lot of the feel of this song as well as the yodeling bits.

Sitting in Limbo - Jimmy Cliffs

 I liked a lot of the music from the movie Warm Bodies. This was one of the songs. For some reason, there was never a soundtrack released for the movie, only an album or the score. So I had to pick them up individually. This was one of the songs I plucked from the track list.

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

 Another great picked off the Warm Bodies Soundtrack. I generally like the Black Keys.

Shell Suite - Chad Valley

 I love how, like, electro-ethereal this song is. This is another one from the Warm Bodies OST. A+ to the person behind compiling the music for it.

Hinnom, TX - Bon Iver

 I'm a little hot and cold about Bon Iver. I don't know if I'm crazy about their vocals, but there are many songs where, despite not really liking the vocals particularly, I like the overall sound of it. This is one of the ones I really like. Another off Warm Bodies.

Yamaha - Delta Spirit

 I'm pretty sure I'm going to look into more of Delta Spirit's music. Another song discovered through Warm Bodies. I love the anthem-y feel this has with the organ chords and uptempo drum beat.

Midnight City - M83

 I'd heard this song around a lot and never got around to tracking it down. It was also in Warm Bodies. I'm slightly disappointed about buying it, not because it isn't fantastic, but because I found out that when it was first released, it was free on iTunes!

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Smith's Minted Rose

I needed to tell you guys about my new favorite lip balm. I got this over Christmas from some of my cousins. This is Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm from the Rosebud Perfume Co. It's cruelty free and vegan! It's got a slight tint, goes on in like a creme/gel like vaseline but lighter and less greasy.

I like the fact that it's minted-- it feels cool and fresh on your lips, but isn't burny at all. It's super light and really moisturizing. This is very different from my usual EOS sphere lip balms and I think I'm going to continue to use both.

I think the EOS balm is better for overall maintenance of my lips, but the Minted Rose balm is probably what I'd put on before going out, or in very dry, windy environments where I need the extra boost in moisture. Apparently some people use it to relieve headaches because of the peppermint oil.

I really love this stuff. You can get it at Sephora.
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