HAUL: Back to School Shopping at Office Depot!

I just did my back to school shopping this weekend. William and Mary is kind of odd in that we start our semesters on Wednesdays-- it kind of gives you the chance to travel back to campus without weekend traffic and settle in. And let's be honest, the first couple days are mostly just going over the syllabus anyway. So it was nice to have a weekend after just a couple days of class to get situated.

The good folks at Office Depot invited me to come shop in their stores with a gift card in exchange for a little blog-love for all my back-to-school needs. So off I went to the local Office Depot! (PS. Be sure to read through to the end to get a sweet Office Depot discount from me!)

I am one with the office supplies, just as I had always dreamed.
Office Depot had a great selection. They also had a lot of products of the same category with different options for different price points, which I really appreciated. It's good to have the nice version of a thing for when I want to go for high quality and a more affordable version when quality isn't as a high priority as my budget.

I like how pretty the notebooks were. I bought four composition books.

I needed a calculator for statistics work too. They had an impressive array of various calculators for various budgets. Even within the scientific category subcategory, they had at least three models from Texas Instruments! All different prices and features. (Thank goodness I'm no longer taking classes that require a graphing calculator.)

See Jane Work is my FAVE.
My favorite part of the shopping trip was seeing the See Jane Work line. See Jane work is basically my new obsession. I found it while cruising through organizational blogs (am I organized? Somewhat, but I'm not good at making my spaces look pretty, even if I know exactly where everything is.) and fell in love with the site. It basically combines my dreams of becoming a high-powered career woman with my fantasies of living a photogenic lifestyle, surrounded by nice things that make people think "wow, she has her life together." Maybe that's a little consumeristic but what can I say-- new versions of me are easier to picture with the appropriate accessories.

So here's what I got!

Left-to right, top-to-bottom
Loose Leaf - It's not the top priority for me, given that I also bought a bunch of notebooks, but It's good to have in case the professor asks us to "Get out a sheet of paper" and I'm struggling to rip out a sheet from my composition book.

One Spiral Notebook - I really love spiral notebooks. They're a lot easier to write in. The problem presents itself when I start doodling with the idea that I can just rip it out later-- this is why I favor composition books for most schoolwork.

TI Calculator - I'm going to need this for my Marketing Research and Research Methods for Psychology classes! It was really affordable, actually.

4-Color Pen by Bic - Color-coded notes and diagrams can be done on the fly with one of these babies!

Magazine File by See Jane Work - Magazine Files revolutionized my desk shelf. No exaggeration. Plus, the See Jane Work Collection was so cute! I have a few magazine files from Target already, but I can tell you that the See Jane Work ones are sturdier and have a lower center of gravity, making them better book ends-- my Target ones kept tipping over!

Four Composition Notebooks - As I mentioned before, I prefer the feel of writing in a spiral, but I stay on track better in a composition notebook. I got four really cute ones!

3 Hole-punch - I was living with a crappy ruler + 3 hole-punch from Staples. You know how effective and easy those are to use? The answer is not at all. NOT. AT. ALL. I had to upgrade. I'm really pleased with this low-end Office Depot brand hole-punch. The one draw-back is that there's no edge guide to make sure the hole is punched in the same place every time-- but this was like $5 cheaper than the other models, so I'm not complaining.

Plastic Tower of Office Supplies - I love office supplies. One that I was really looking for was rubber bands to hold things together. There aren't many frequent cases where I need a rubber band, but those times when you do need a rubber band, there's really no substitute. I was going to get a pack of rubber bands, but then I saw these babies and I realized that I also would very much like those pretty colored binder clips. (I honestly didn't need the colored paper clips-- I have a whole school box FULL of them) I figured after I finish, the tower would come in hand for organizing other things.

Foray Colored Pens - I love a set of nice colored pens. They give me life.

Wite-out tape - If you've never used this, you're missing out. It's a life-saver.

To-Do List pads from See Jane Work - These are the best. Who doesn't love a good list? These super cute pads are literally made for them.

Post-its - An essential.

Eraseable highlighters - DID YOU KNOW THIS TECHNOLOGY WAS AVAILABLE? BECAUSE IT IS. IT'S AMAZING. I've already played around with it tons. These are super cool. I needed highlighters anyway, so I figured, why not?

So that's my Office Depot Haul. As promised, I have a deal from Office Depot to offer you! If you click this link right here, you'll get $10 off a $50+ purchase from Office Depot! Do you know how awesome that is? That's a whole Chipotle meal right there my friend. Do it for the non-dining-hall food.

What is your favorite thing to back-to-school or office supply shop for?

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