Music Haul: Post-Christmas Spree

I love when I can buy new music! I have a lot of varied musical tastes that I like to indulge. Here's some of my new music.

Better Together EP - Fifth Harmony

 I bought the Better Together EP because the price was pretty low and I like the majority of the Fifth Harmony stuff I hear. I like their vocals and the pop/dance-y-ness of the music. If you like girl power pop groups you'll probably like them. They're kind of like Dream from the early 2000s except more "now".

Low High Low EP - Max Frost

 I had never heard of Max Frost before I decided to troll through the under $5 albums section of Amazon. I was intrigued by the cover art. The album doesn't disappoint. It's kind of a bluesy/rockabilly album with electro themes.

Tie The Knot - Jesse McCartney

 I love Jesse McCartney. His latest EP has a lot of this 70s pop vibe that's been coming back recently. I'm really feeling it! I didn't end up buying the whole EP, because I typically don't listen to a lot of pop ballads. In general I don't buy entire albums to begin with. I did buy this song and the next song.

Back Together - Jesse McCartney
This is the single off the "In Technicolor Part 1" EP and I love it. It's upbeat, catchy, and it's got that 70s vibe I've been into lately.

Next To Normal (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

 Next To Normal is one of my favorite musicals. It's the story of a family struggling with grief and mental illness. I highly recommend checking it out. It's sort of a rock/pop musical. The story itself is beautiful but the music is so phenomenal. It's such a relatable story for anyone who has a personal experience with mental illness.

Watching You Watch Him - Eric Hutchinson

 I love Eric Hutchinson's music. I love his songwriting and his bluesy light sound that just makes you want to listen to him all the time. Also he has a great personality-- his live albums are extremely entertaining to listen to.

Oh! - Eric Hutchinson

Outside Villanova - Eric Hutchinson

Get Lucky - Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell)

I love this song. I love Daft Punk but add yet another of these 70s themes and Pharrell and I'm absolutely in heaven.

Timber - Ke$ha (ft. Pitbull)

 This is such a fun song and I love Ke$ha. I kind of like that she kind of went back to her Nashville roots with a lot of the feel of this song as well as the yodeling bits.

Sitting in Limbo - Jimmy Cliffs

 I liked a lot of the music from the movie Warm Bodies. This was one of the songs. For some reason, there was never a soundtrack released for the movie, only an album or the score. So I had to pick them up individually. This was one of the songs I plucked from the track list.

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys

 Another great picked off the Warm Bodies Soundtrack. I generally like the Black Keys.

Shell Suite - Chad Valley

 I love how, like, electro-ethereal this song is. This is another one from the Warm Bodies OST. A+ to the person behind compiling the music for it.

Hinnom, TX - Bon Iver

 I'm a little hot and cold about Bon Iver. I don't know if I'm crazy about their vocals, but there are many songs where, despite not really liking the vocals particularly, I like the overall sound of it. This is one of the ones I really like. Another off Warm Bodies.

Yamaha - Delta Spirit

 I'm pretty sure I'm going to look into more of Delta Spirit's music. Another song discovered through Warm Bodies. I love the anthem-y feel this has with the organ chords and uptempo drum beat.

Midnight City - M83

 I'd heard this song around a lot and never got around to tracking it down. It was also in Warm Bodies. I'm slightly disappointed about buying it, not because it isn't fantastic, but because I found out that when it was first released, it was free on iTunes!

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