Weekend Links 01.30.13

It's been a while, but weekend links are back! Sorry for seriously slacking on my weekend linking.

Philip Zimbardo delivers a TED talk on how situations can bring out the best and the worst in people-- the propensity for both great evil and great heroism exists in all of us, but which will we nurture in both ourselves and in others? How do we raise children to be heroes rather than complicit agents in acts of institutionalized evil? >>>

5 Mistakes You Made Last Semester and How To Fix Them >>>

Aladdin is coming to Broadway, and if you're not excited about it, well then, clearly you've either never seen it or you don't have a heart. Because any and every heart can be melted by Menken and Ashman. >>>

Speaking of musicals, if you haven't seen Starkid's latest production, Twisted, you are missing out. Think foul-mouthed parody of Aladdin running along the lines of Wicked. Only the good people behind the Very Potter Musicals could do such a wondrous, hilarious, heartwarming deed. (Run time just over 2 hours-- make it an event for you and your friends who are appropriately aged for swear words) >>>

11 Surprising Facts about Women and Poverty >>>

Swedish Marines engage in quality bonding by doing a fantastic recreation of the Greased Lightning scene from Grease. What they lack in dancing ability, they more than makeup for in faithfulness to the scene, down to the ridiculous magical/dream-sequence vehicle transformation >>>

A neuroscientist realizes by chance that he's actually a psychopath. Friends and family are not surprised. Despite being a psychopath, he's actually not a serial killer or white collar criminal, or whatever hollywood and the news might lead you to suspect-- and he talks about how and why he ended up so well-adjusted, for the sake of child psychpaths everywhere, who need someone to identify and help nurture them correctly or else risk letting them turn into criminals >>>

The New York Times looks into the curious phenomenon of developing world workers collectively fainting and even at times becoming possessed by local spirits, angry at the mistreatment of their home an their people. >>>

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  1. Hi Harper!
    New from the HCBN :) I love your blog so far! I'm a massive geek too and it makes me ridiculously happy that Starkid has made it into this post! Hope you're having a great day!