100 Things To Love About Yourself (That Have Nothing To Do With What You Look Like)

It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I wanted to touch on the importance of loving yourself and discovering ways to love yourself. I know there are tons of posts out there that will both challenge you to love what you look like and also challenge you to take control of your insecurities in healthy ways (like working out), and I definitely encourage you to check those out as well. (I know I certainly have been acting like one of those comedic American stereotype characters that whines about gaining weight and then makes zero effort to eat better or exercise. Whoops.) That said though, what you look like is only part of who you are, and even if you don't ever get to a point where you feel like the sexiest or hottest or prettiest person you know, you can still feel like you are pretty fricking awesome. So here's a list of 100 things to love about yourself that have absolutely nothing to do with what you look like.

  1. Your sense of humor
  2. Your laugh
  3. Your ability to make others laugh when they need it
  4. Your intuition
  5. Your willingness to challenge yourself
  6. Your understanding of what makes you feel happiest
  7. Your taste in movies
  8. Your taste in books
  9. Your taste in clothes
  10. The way you don't care about clothes
  11. The way you hug people
  12. Your eye for design
  13. Your organizational skills
  14. Your quiet intensity
  15. Your loud boisterous demeanor
  16. Your facial expression quirks
  17. Your voice
  18. The way you cry about things that are important to you
  19. Your special relationship with your friends
  20. Your special relationship with fictional characters
  21. Your ability to smile even when things get hard
  22. The twinkle in your eye when you get excited about something
  23. The chaos that is your living space seeming to be perfectly adapted to your lifestyle
  24. Your ability to bounce back from that really hard thing you had to deal with
  25. Your thoughts on literature
  26. Your thoughts on politics
  27. Your thoughts on culture
  28. Your thoughts
  29. Your causes and charities and the way you contribute to them
  30. Your deep contemplations that never seem to fully work themselves out
  31. The way you wring your hands when you're nervous
  32. The way you babble when you're tired
  33. The way you would defend your best friend against an army with a spoon if it came down to it
  34. The hobby that you care about and how much you love it
  35. The way you changed someone's life (and you did)
  36. That time you gave someone a second chance they didn't deserve because sometimes that's what they really need
  37. The way you spend hours reading
  38. The things you doodle
  39. The way you say "no" when you need to
  40. The way you work to become a better person
  41. Your honesty
  42. Your compassion
  43. Your bravery
  44. Your generosity
  45. Your curiosity
  46. Your open mind
  47. Your ability to care for houseplants
  48. The way you cook
  49. The fact that you recycle
  50. The way you tip well
  51. The way you are responsible about your finances
  52. The way you are working on being responsible with your finances
  53. The fact that you can admit when there is a problem
  54. Your humility
  55. Your attitude
  56. Your accent
  57. Your athletic ability
  58. Your flexibility
  59. Your commitment to your health
  60. Your intelligence
  61. Your problem solving skills
  62. Your knowledge of every state capital
  63. Your refusal to partake in any activity that goes against your morals
  64. Your commitment to your faith
  65. Your idealism
  66. Your realism
  67. Your taste in music
  68. Your musical ability
  69. Your focus on the big things in life
  70. Your focus on the little things in life
  71. Your ability to keep a secret
  72. The way you know when to shut up (because sometimes you just need to shut up)
  73. Your appreciation of silence
  74. Your appreciation of nature
  75. The fact that you turn off lights that are not in use
  76. Your commitment to getting enough sleep
  77. Your spontaneity
  78. Your deliberateness
  79. The way you handle crises pretty well
  80. The fact that others know they can depend on you
  81. The way you can trust others
  82. Your creativity
  83. Your stubbornness
  84. Your changeability
  85. Your memory
  86. Your list-making abilities
  87. Your competitive spirit
  88. Your good manners
  89. Your hospitality
  90. You're not afraid to start over
  91. Your advice is always good (and rarely followed for some reason)
  92. Your ability to translate complicated ideas into something easy to understand
  93. Your mathematical mind
  94. Your artistic mind
  95. Your adept hands
  96. Your ability to speak more than one language
  97. Your dedication to doing something meaningful with your life
  98. Your willingness to follow your dreams
  99. Your ability to give yourself time to heal and recoup when life gets you down
  100. Your ability to endure everything that has come your way through to this very moment

Maybe not all 100 things apply to you-- some of them are opposites of one another-- but they are all things you can love about yourself and they have nothing to do with what you look like. You don't have to feel pretty to feel awesome. (But chances are, if you're a good person, the sun shines out your face, and people will find that attractive.)

What do you love about yourself?

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  1. Love this list!! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to bookmark this to look at whenever I'm feeling down!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. If you have a journal, you should write your own more specific list of 100 things you like about yourself :)

  3. I wrote one of these lists long, long ago, but it's so refreshing to see someone else's! Whenever I'm down about my body, I know it's usually because of an emotional reason. I like to think about all the cool things I'm capable of that I never thought I could do, like aerial silks or even being able to handle graduate school. Great list!

  4. I was not expecting to see #93, but I deeply appreciate it. This is an awesome post with an excellent message.

  5. Elizabeth BensonMarch 1, 2014 at 7:28 AM

    I love this so much. I want to paste this post everywhere I can find in my room. I think far too often we get wrapped up in how we look, and only caring about things related to that, not out of egoism, but out of a sense of obligation to what our society says we should do and feel. So I love this list a ton, and this was an amazing post. Thanks for sharing! (Also kudos to you for typing 'your' that many times and not mixing up which one to use from sheer exhaustion) xx, Elizabeth


  6. Mia, you are so unbelievably cool. Aerial silks are effin' bad ass. You are awesome!

  7. Thanks Lilian! I totally encourage you to make your own list of 100 things you like about yourself that aren't appearance related and put it in your computer or journal or whatever! :)

  8. An excellent suggestion to use in my radical self love bible. Thank you. :)