You've probably noticed some major changes to my blog in the past week or so. I've undergone a total redesign, and although I'm still tweaking here and there, I can safely say the bulk of it is done. I hope you like the new design!

There's a lot going on recently. I'm turning 21 on Saturday and I'm celebrating with a giveaway, so you should definitely enter! I'm also totally out of idea on what to do for my 21st. There's a little bit of pressure to do something crazy, but I don't really drink (mostly out of disinterest than anything else). That combined with the complete and total lack of nightlife in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, means that there's not much in the way of excitement. If anyone's got any ideas, feel free to comment below!

Anyway, more importantly I've also redone my ad shop. With my new layout, ads get better placement on my blog, my prices have been adjusted (lowered where need be) and a new, mega large spot has been added. In honor of my redesign I'm offering 60% off ads in my shop with the code "REDESIGN" for a super limited time! This discount opportunity will only last through April 12th. 

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Aries Birthday Beauty Bash!

My birthday is coming up, and to celebrate, I decided to launch a beauty giveaway with some other Aries bloggers! On April 5, I'll be turning 21! I don't drink (mostly due to lack of interest more than anything else) so mostly I'm excited about being able to get into event venues.

Alice of Dalabooh turns 25 on March 31
Her goals for this year: I would like to upgrade my website with more contents and get new collaboration with brands. Keep being positive and motivated to reach my dream.
Her Birthday Wishlist: I would like to get a new DSLR camera to get better quality pictures and videos since now I know how to properly use one.
Her favorite beauty product: I am in love with nail polish. Having a neat manicure always add a plus to your whole look.

Clara B of That Girl Magazine turns 22 on April 10
Her goals for this year: Graduate, get a proper job, and get a corgi.
Her Birthday Wishlist: Mostly things to decorate my new apartment!
Her favorite beauty product: I am an absolute nail polish junkie. My absolute can't-live-without product is Seche Vite fast dry topcoat, because I like my nails to be shiny and not-chipped. 

Dahlia of Big World, Bigger Dreams turns 22 on April 15

Her  goals for this year: Be healthier. For my blog to grow

Her Birthday Wishlist: SLR Camera, and a Large Longchamp Bag in Mint
Her favorite beauty product: Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, it's make my skin look great!

Enter to win our giveaway below! Ends 4/20/2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Send Megan Elliot's Boyfriend Jeans to London!

** With her in them!

So, let's back up a little bit. I have a blogger friend Megan who is kind of a big deal. She and her blog, Lush to Blush, have been featured in Marie Claire and Yeah, like that kind of a big deal! She is a stylist, web content creator and editor, blogger extraordinaire, and and incredibly sweet person.
via / photo credit Johnny Cheng
Being a stylist, she does a lot of posts on fashion and how to incorporate different pieces into your wardrobe. She once did one on boyfriend jeans, which was super cute. As luck would have it, Skype was looking to show-off their collaboration tool with a fashion challenge, asking fashionistas from around the world to style an outfit around a pair of Boyfriend jeans-- lo and behold, dear Megan wound up as a finalist! If she wins and is voted by the internet as having the best boyfriend jeans-centric outfit, she'll win an all expenses-paid trip to London and a $5,500 shopping spree there!

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Animated Short: Omelette

This animated short is super cute. Omelette is the tale of a devoted dog with quite the culinary touch doing what dogs do best-- taking care of his human.

I love this short. The art is adorable, and the artist's use of line and movement totally carries the feelings of the dog and the human in this wordless animation. Moreover, this short reminds me so much of my sister, whom I refer to as "Squishney"/"my Squishster"/"my little Squish." She is super excellent at cooking, and she tries to take care of me when my anxiety or my depression act up. It's also a little joke in our family that my sister is a dog (and I'm a chicken), due to our respective signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

I hope you enjoyed the short, and that it was a good little reminder to both take care of your humans, and to appreciate your buddies' attempts to take care of you.

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Glam Dresses for Prom+!

This post is sponsored by Macy's! I received a gift card from Macy's. I only recommend products that I would use personally.

One of the great pleasures in life is getting dressed up. On some rare occasions you can get really dressed up. Like, crazy dressed up and glamorous. Probably one of the first occasions for this is prom, but there are definitely others. Quinces and bat mitzvahs are some other early ones for some. Other occasions include formal dances, fancy parties, and award ceremonies. Who knows, maybe even the Oscars! Or you know, your own Oscars party where you get red carpet glam, dress to the nines, and spend the night eating snacks and live tweeting your reactions. In honor of the upcoming prom season for some of my readers-- and for my other readers, who may be planning for their university's end of the year formal, or even just plotting out their outfit for the Tony's just in case-- I have compiled some baller dresses available from the Macy's Prom Shop. This is all part of my participation in the #macyscampustour, which is Macy's campaign to bring their awesomeness to those at school. Personally I'm loving fantasizing about these dresses because our school's major formal, The King and Queen's Ball, is happening next month and I have nothing to wear!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

  1. Xscape One-Shoulder Cut Out Gown - This gown so so gorgeous and great if you want to go full-red-carpet. The shoulder adds some support to dancing situations, and the movement in this dress is so elegant! It comes in multiple colors, and the sparkles add real glamour to the look.
  2. Roberta Strapless Empire-Waist Tulle Dress - Flirty and fun, this dress is super cute! It's also a great shape for flattering those with hot legs but maybe a little more midsection than they'd like.
  3. Teeze Me Layered Ruffles Dress - Playing with texture is a great way to add depth, interest, and sophistication to a look-- and this dress definitely captures that! Lace + satin + layered ruffles combine in this amazing dress!
  4. Ruby Rox Sequined A-Line Dress - A-line dresses are universally flattering! The dress itself is not overly flashy in its lines, but the sequin design makes it pop!
  5. City Studio Beaded Pleated Halter Dress - I am in love with the lines of this dress! The vertical pleats lengthen your body as the horizontal belt emphasizes your waist. The gorgeous beading is to die for, and the color is perfect for spring!
  6. City Studios Ombre Print Illusion Dress - High-low dresses make me so happy because they combine the awesomeness of a long flowy skirt with the promise of never tripping over the front of my dress. It's a win-win! The two colors are super cute and the draping/knotting in the bodice can help make someone's chest look bigger, if that's a concern. This is robably more appropriate for a day time event.
You can check out more cute clothes for either formal events or everyday at Which dresses are you loving for your next formal event?

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How to avoid getting into a relationship with a piece of crap - a basic overview

I've been reading a lot of stories from ladies my age and older, in which they recount crappy relationships that they stayed in too long. Somehow the stories are just all coming out around the same time, and what girl doesn't love to bitch to her friends about the asshole she dated once? It's good to be able to talk to your friends about some terrible thing you went through or awful decision you made, and hear them say "oh, honey, I been there too" or "wow screw that!" or "you deserve better and I hope (s)he rots."It's cathartic.

So, as I've been listening, I've been noticing some common patterns across some of these stories and I thought I'd point them out to the world to save everyone from letting some trifling so-called love interests take too much of their time, hearts, and strength.

People who never put you first now will not start to later. You're not always going to come first-- not even for your "soulmate" / "other half" / "The ONE." Sometimes their mom will come first. Or their health. Or their dog because their dog is vomiting and your wanting to go see the new Hunger Games movie is not more important than helping their sick dog. People also shouldn't expect you to always put them first. "Sorry, Dan, I can't do our scheduled skype because I have to bail my sister out of jail." That sentence should be met with a "well shit, you do what you gotta do babe, I hope she's okay and that this gets handled painlessly" not a "you never cared about me, I can't believe you'd rather spend time with your screw-up sister than with me!" That said, if someone never or rarely puts you before things that are not that important, they are not going to suddenly start. You can't slip them a love potion that will suddenly end their habit of ditching you in favor of re-watching Fight Club alone.

If you are more concerned with losing someone else than you are with losing yourself, there is a problem. If your significant other, or sig-O as I like to say, consistently threatens to break up with you (or otherwise ditch you) in order to control you, then obviously (s)he's not into you-- (s)he's into puppets. Recognize that if all it takes is hanging out with your friends for an extra hour or gaining a few pounds to make your sig-O consider dumping you, they probably don't care about you that much at all. Don't let anyone tell you that you'll never be able to get someone as good as them and scare you into staying-- because they're a piece of crap for saying stuff like that and if it's him/her or no one, then you're probably better off alone. Love yourself enough to know that you are a beautiful, complex, wonderful, dynamic person, and that someone who sees that will not undermine your independence or manipulate you emotionally. The world needs you in it, and it needs the you that you are, and not the you a controlling sig-O forces you to be.

Make sure your boundaries are respected and your needs are met. Sometimes people don't have the same needs, and that's okay, but it might mean that you're not a good match. Sometimes the issue is that one person's a homebody and the other is a partier, and the partier guilts the homebody into partying and the homebody feels miserable and then resentful. That's not healthy! Other times, it's sex. One person wants lots of sex, other other person isn't ready, or doesn't want that much. Respect what your partner wants and doesn't want, and if you are not mutually aligned in your needs to the point where you're making yourselves or each other miserable, break it off!

There are a lot of really good, totally valid reasons to call it quits. You can still have feelings for each other, you can still care about each other-- that's not mutually exclusive to breaking up! Toxic relationships are not toxic because they are so awful they fall apart immediately-- it's because they linger and poison your life. Take Cady Heron's advice from Mean Girls and suck the poison out-- even if the poison is really hot and a good kisser and cooks a delicious lasagna. You can even break up with someone over the fact that they snore if it really is making you miserable and there really is nothing that's going to change the situation. Sometimes people will try to convince you to settle, but it's really just a choice you gotta make-- are you willing to learn to live with it? Is he/she willing to get it fixed somehow? If the answer to both is no, then that's your answer right there. Maybe snoring is a "silly" reason to break up, but if all it takes is a silly reason to break you up, then there was probably a deeper issue than just the snoring (even if it was just not caring enough).

Never trust someone who tells you your feelings are stupid, invalid, or pointless. If something hurts you, it hurts you. That matters, whether it's the death of a family member or it's your sig-O forgetting to call you back. Be fair in how you assess the situation, but never let anyone tell you you are wrong for how you feel. People who tell you you shouldn't be upset are disrespecting you as a person, disregarding your feelings, belittling you, and can even be setting you up to feel worthless so you are more easy to control. I hear about this when it comes to cheaters-- they'll try to call you "crazy" or "paranoid" or "jealous bitch." People who call you those things are not deserving of your time.

You don't owe anyone anything. (*Except maybe family.) You don't owe him or her "closure" so don't get a coffee with him or her to "just talk" if you really don't want to. You don't owe anyone a second chance if they have treated you poorly. You don't owe anyone sex or a kiss because they decided to foot the bill for your date. You don't have to stay with someone because they helped you through a rough time if they're making you miserable now.

Watch how someone treats others-- that is who they really are. Any butthead can be nice to people they care about or people they think might be valuable-- but how does he/she treat waiters at restaurants? Your friends? Your family? Don't forget to see who someone is not just to you, but to the rest of the world.

If you are more in love with the person you knew (or imagined) in the past than you are with the person standing in front of you, it's time to get out. Relationships are really good life experiences, but not all of them are meant to last forever. Some relationships, like milk, have an expiration date-- and they start going bad after that. People grow apart. That's okay, and it's not a good guy / bad guy deal. You can fall out of love. Don't stay with someone for the person they were two years ago, because there is someone out there who will love them for who the are today and tomorrow.

A real partner will care about you, respect you, communicate with you, make you feel fulfilled and supported, and be excited to grow with you. Don't settle! Relationships are hard work, but don't let that fool you into thinking they should be miserable, unfulfilling, and damaging!

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PINCHme Product Reviews

I received free items and compensation in return for this post. I do not ever endorse products I don't feel good about. All opinions are honest and my own. 

So I received some products from a trial product box service called PINCHme! Sign up with PINCHme and you'll be able to pick products to try totally for free! They release new products every couple weeks, log on when it happens to get the best pick, and then get them delivered to you 100% free! Try the product, tell the brands what you think about the product, and earn rewards for sampling and reviewing more stuff-- yeah, you can get free stuff for signing up and reviewing even more free stuff! Crazy cool right?

Anyway, here's what came out of my PINCHme box!

So here's what I thought about everything I got.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo - I really liked the scent and texture of the shampoo. The scent was really fresh without smelling heavily perfumed. It was also more creamy like a conditioner almost. It also wasn't really astringent feeling. I shy away from shampoos that feel really harsh, like they'll strip the natural oils from my hair. I've used it twice now, and I really like how it lathers in a really airy way like the shampoo is going pretty fair.

South Beach Diet Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar - So, I'm really not a fan of so-called diet foods. Which probably explains my weight gain. More so than that, if it's not something fresh/natural looking and it claims to be "diet," I assume that means it's filled with poorly flavored food substitutes created in a lab like a shoddy imitation of "real food."I was pleasantly surprised by the South Beach Diet snack bar! It tastes chocolatey about on par with your typical Milky Way bar, and sweet as well with a light caramel. There was also something like nougat in there, but it tasted like it was made with something more healthy and full of fiber, presumably to give one that "filling" feeling. I actually ate half of it and felt pretty satisfied-- I'd equate half of this with one or maybe one and a half fun-sized Milky Way. So the whole thing was a decent snack. I definitely don't think this is a meal substitute, but I guess that's why it's a snack bar and not a breakfast bar! This is a really good replacement for a snickers or a donut for those tempted by their sugar tooth!

Reviver Dry Deodorant for Clothes - Literally, when I saw this I was baffled and astounded. How on earth have we developed the technology to deodorize fabrics-- without even spraying a spray? And this thing is reusable! And then I kind of thought about it a little bit and realized my level of amazement was kind of stupid given that the internet was developed within my short life time and we now have in our phones the kind of processing power that needed to be housed in skyscrapers a few decades ago. Nonetheless, this is way cool! While perfume is all well and good, there's a real benefit to getting rid of the offending odors. I'm sure we've all had to use a particularly rank public bathroom at some point and then freaked out that the scent lingered in a jacket or sweater. This is also super small and comes in a resealable baggie to retain the freshness-- stash it in your backpack or purse with ease!

Check out PINCHme if you're interested in getting to pick samples to try like the ones I got! They're releasing a new set of items to try on April 1st.

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Spring Dresses at Macy's

This post is sponsored by Macy's! I received a gift card from Macy's. I only recommend products that I would use personally.

All my goodies that I ordered from Macy's have arrived! I am so excited-- I haven't tried on the tops yet, but the pants are so comfy (and true to size, which I was a little worried about since I have thick legs!) and the bee cuff makes me swoon! I already coated the cuff in clear nail polish on the underside because I have sensitive skin that turns green really easily.

Since checking out the #macyscampustour though, I'm lusting after a lot of pretty things from Macy's-- especially with spring right around the corner! All I want to do in the summer is wear dress after dress after dress! Check out these lovelies:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Spring is the time for cute dresses all day, everyday! It's been weird here in Williamsburg, going from 70 degrees and sunny to freezing rain in two days-- so it's not safe to venture out in one of these lovelies quite yet. Here's to hoping for warm weather!

All of the dresses above are available in the Macy's mstylelab section! Be sure to also hit up to download their app (which you can read my post on), shop online, get discounts, and see other posts like mine about other blogger's wishlists and outfits with stuff from Macy's!

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Re-Watching: Sailor Moon!

I have recommitted myself to my endeavor to rewatch all of Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon was so important to my childhood. There was so much about it that would shape my worldviews-- and I know that sounds silly because it's a magical girl anime that starts out with this idiotic, lazy, whiny middle school girl finding out she's got to save the world and her friends-- but it is absolutely true.

Rewatching it is so fun because it's often cheesy, and full of some really typical and hilarious anime tropes since it's pretty old, but it still totally has my emotions because even though I can now see how silly the animation and dialog are, when I watch it, the eight year-old in me watches too.

I totally recommend you indulge in this show in your free time. Also, I made this coolio free ringtone with the Sailor Jupiter theme that also appears in many battle sequences! As I was watching, it struck me like lightning (get it??) that I absolutely needed that to be my ringtone!

My favorite Sailor Scout is definitely Sailor Mars though-- it almost hurts me how Sailor Mars I am sometimes.

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Featured on the DC Ladies blog!

I just got featured on The DC Ladies! Thanks to my girl Monica Hunasikatti for interviewing me! You can check out the interview here to read about why I blog and more!

PS- my roommate and best friend (who took the photo featured in the article) just got published for the first time ever in a scientific paper entitled "Stormwater runoff drives viral community composition changes in inland freshwaters"! If you are so inclined, you should definitely check it out!

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Pretty in Pink Haul

So as I mentioned in my Spring Break Recap, I did some shopping while I was back up in NoVA. Here's my haul :)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

  1. Quinn Cold Shoulder Sweater from Francesca's - Because I love shoulder cut outs! I also love that this is a warmer weather sweater for breezy spring and cool summer days-- and even a nice fall day. It was on sale so I had to have it!
  2. Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Lover from Sephora- This is one of my favorite lipsticks and it's running low so I figured I'd restock. It's one of my signature colors!
  3. Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner from Sephora- I ran out of my non-waterproof, high-precision Sephora black eyeliner and I needed more! This one didn't come with the high precision applicator, but it was waterproof, which I really needed. I actually just swapped the applicator since the bottles were the same design-- I have yet to encounter any repercussions to this swap.
  4. Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake from The Comic Shop - I've been collecting the individual issues of this, but I really enjoy having the full-collection book, especially since I move a lot and I worry about losing or damaging individual issues. I absolutely love the Fionna and Cake episodes of Adventure Time (as well as like, ALL of Adventure Time) so this was 100% necessary.
  5. Adventure Time: Seeing Red from The Comic Shop - Marceline is one of my favorite characters on Adventure Time. So of COURSE I had to get Seeing Red. It's totally obvious that I needed it in my life. (I also have the complete Marceline and the Scream Queens)
You can also often see previews of my hauls and other goodies by following my instagram and my twitter

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The Macy's App: Saving Me From Mall-less-ness

This post is sponsored by Macy's! I received a gift card from Macy's. I only recommend products that I would use personally.

There are a lot of cool things about living in Williamsburg. The lack of a mall is not one of them. I honestly could not even tell you where the nearest Macy's even IS. (Actually, I just looked it up on Macy's Store Locator and it's a couple towns over.) Luckily, even though the #macyscampustour isn't physically located near my campus, it is totally accessible thanks to the magic of technology.

I'm a busy lady. Between my studies and my hardcore netflixing, I don't have a lot of room in my schedule to go driving out of my geographical comfort zone (aka the areas in which I have enough geographical knowledge to eventually find my way back home) in search of cute clothes. Like most children of the digital age, I'm a big fan of when the shopping comes to me.

Naturally, I was all about the Macy's App (for iOS and Android) which allows me to check out and buy clothes, accessories, etc. from my phone. I downloaded it and it was super easy to use.

Benefits of the Macy's App

  • I can use it in my PJs. Or sweats. I don't need to do my make up or anything! I can shop without all the hassle of getting ready to go shopping. 
  • I can use it in my dorm room. I can shop without leaving my covers! No judgy expressions of passers by. No accidentally running into your ex.
  • Sizing charts on all the items-- because something has to make up for not being able to try them on beforehand!
  • Checkout is easy. If you can text, you can check out on the Macy's app!
  • Coupon Codes and Discount sections-- whoa whoa whoa! You can totally get deals on your Macy's app you may not have even known about in store, because they TELL YOU the applicable coupon codes right on the item description!
  • Super easy search: tons of filter and sorting tools, a search function, and you can even use the product number-- I found that super helpful when looking at items I'd been pining for online and then found in-app!
  • You don't get lost in the different store sections. The Macy's app has a super simple home page that makes it crazy easy to find what you need. I'm totally that girl who can't ever remember where she parked and goes in circles inside of Macy's when I'm physically there, so if you're directionally challenged like me, you will enjoy the fact that everything is easy to find and you won't get lost in the Shoe Department (at least not literally).
  • It tells you exactly which sizes are in stock in which colors. 
  • The email order notifications are A+! You'll know when it's shipped, how many shipments (if your stuff is coming in multiple shipments), and they'll update you as each thing is shipped with its tracking information and built in link to track your package. Also it has pictures so you know what's in which shipment, which I like, because sometimes I can't remember what I ordered.
  • You can win prizes-- wait what??

Yes. You can win super cool stuff with the Macy's Spin and Win game! They've got $100,000 of prizes they're giving out! All you have to do is download the app through March and you can spin the wheel and try your luck-- and you get 5 plays per day! Check out more Macy's goodness including links to download the app and info on the game at

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Spring Break Recap: A List

Things I did over Spring Break (now over)

  • Sleep. Slept 12 hours a day. 
  • Ate yummy foods like crabs and shabu shabu and bone soup.
  • Worried about my parents (both were sick!)
  • Hugged my mom a lot.
  • Watched TV.
  • Finished watching Chuck
  • Had lunch with my grandparents.
  • Watched the Oscars with my best friend and my mom.
  • Shopped at Macy's with their app on my phone (technology is cool, yo).
  • Watched Dear Zachary. (I demand you watch it now. It's on Netflix)
  • Got for real deals serious about skin care. I started using toner and day/night cream and even SPF lotion on my face (I was previously not using any products but soap for skin care on my face).
  • Came back to campus early.
  • Cleaned out closet.
  • Donated stuff to Goodwill that I didn't need anymore.
  • Hung out with my squishster (aka my sister, whom I call my little Squish or Squishney) (her name is Sidney). She visited me on campus!
  • Bought my squish lunchie at an Indian buffet.
  • Bought cuppycakes for her and her friends.
  • Took them shopping for a bit.
  • Cleaned the dorm room, including reorganizing and vacuuming.
  • Shopped at the mall (post on that later this week).
  • Plotted giveaways-- my 21st birthday is in April, so I want to celebrate!
  • Did my taxes like a real adult human person.
  • Laid down after doing my taxes because it was stressful and exhausting and I'm not totally ready for that kind of real-adult-human-person stuff.
  • Caught up on my bloglovin feed.
  • Did some interviews: check out this beauty from The Prospect!
  • Cleaned out my junk email inbox.
  • Renewed some blog sponsorships. 
  • Shaved for the first time in forever.
  • Did that thing where you lose an hour of sleep because of Daylight Savings.
  • Tweeted as usual.
  • Contemplated food deserts.
  • Did my readings.

What did you do/What are you doing over Spring Break?

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Harper Watched: Chuck

You guys may remember last week I posted about how I was watching Chuck. Well, thanks to the magic of Spring Break, I've officially finished Chuck. You should read that post before you read this one, because I'm not gonna cover the same ground twice.

Chuck was a consistently good show. The character growth and pacing were really notable in my opinion, because so many shows struggle with those things. It balanced both the satisfaction needed in closing each episode and the need for an over-arching plot that made you want more and explored more complicated plots than what can be accomplished in a 44 minute segment.

I totally recommend checking out this show if you've ever wanted to watch a high-concept, high-stakes spy comedy.

As the show progresses and Chuck gets integrated into the spy team, I will admit that some of the bad-assness of the spy aspects diminished-- more specifically the government seemed much more prone to making idiot mistakes. Maybe that's just because as Chuck gets deeper in, he gets to see more of the flaws and the awe wears off, and since he's our central viewpoint character, it makes sense.

That said, the comedy stayed true throughout. Maybe more importantly, the mysteries developed very organically. There's stuff set up in the first season that builds to the fifth season, and none of it feels overly drawn out.

The thing that killed me was the ending. The end was good in that it seemed that everyone had reached this very natural point of closure and moving on-- but one terrible thing had happened that needed fixing in the last episode. While the ending was hopeful that it would be fixed-- it was never fully resolved. It gives me a lot of feelings. DID IT GET RESOLVED? PROBABLY! BUT I WILL NEVER SEE IT! ;_;

Overall though, I give this show high ratings. Also, A+ Subway product placement throughout. After season 2, it was unsure whether or not the show would get renewed, so fans, instead of contacting the network, worked to get Subway to support the show and give it the funding to continue. It worked! Subway footed the bill and in exchange got some primo product placement.

Harper's rating: 4.7 / 5

Great comedy, great supporting cast dynamic, interesting characters that grow pretty believably, strong love story, Zachary Levi being a dork
Sometimes a little cheesy in its humor, creepy stalker-loser-type characters may be totally off-putting to you (although they do contribute really well to the story even if they make you cringe), the end will give you a lot of feelings you may not be prepared for.

Totally recommend you check it out on Netflix!

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Macy's Campus Tour Wishlist

This post is sponsored by Macy's! I only recommend products that I would use personally.

Macy's-- that staple of any decent mall. Unfortunately, when down in Williamsburg for school, I'm nowhere near a Macy's. Luckily, I have a smartphone, and Macy's brings the shopping to you with the Macy's App with the App Store or Google Play. The app also incorporates many if not more of the discounts you might receive in stores, plus items have a handy-dandy size chart since shopping online can be quite a hassle. It cuts down on a lot of the error that you can make by just guessing your size.

I absolutely jumped at the chance to participate in Macy's new campaign targeting college ladies, #MacysCampusTour. They have a section called the mstylelab which is dedicated to millennial fashion and that's where I did my shopping.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

So here's my haul of orders!

  1. American Rag Silver-Tone Bee Cuff Bracelet - You probably know all about my love of bees. It actually played into my site being named Harper Honey! I love jewelry and clothing with bee motifs and this bracelet is no different. I love having bee-related pieces in my wardrobe and I like that this is simple enough to go with pretty much any outfit.
  2. Planet Gold Long-Sleeve Skull Print Knit - Have I mentioned how much I'm into bones? One of my favorite papers I've written in college is actually a paper I wrote on bones and its uses in discovering truth in history and forensics. This knit is super cute and looks so comfy!
  3. American Rag Striped Tee - A simple striped tee is absolutely essential in my book. Stripes are just pattern-y enough to spice things up, just traditional enough to not seem too trendy or outlandish, and easy to dress up or down. 
  4. XOXO High-Waisted Tapered Pants - I need more high-waisted pants in my life. I'm hoping these will work out on me. Being bottom heavy, it can be difficult for me to commit to pants without trying them on, but hopefully these work out!
You can check out these and more items out at Macy's in store, online, and in app! Don't forget to check out!  I can't wait until these bad boys arrive!

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