Animated Short: Omelette

This animated short is super cute. Omelette is the tale of a devoted dog with quite the culinary touch doing what dogs do best-- taking care of his human.

I love this short. The art is adorable, and the artist's use of line and movement totally carries the feelings of the dog and the human in this wordless animation. Moreover, this short reminds me so much of my sister, whom I refer to as "Squishney"/"my Squishster"/"my little Squish." She is super excellent at cooking, and she tries to take care of me when my anxiety or my depression act up. It's also a little joke in our family that my sister is a dog (and I'm a chicken), due to our respective signs in the Chinese Zodiac.

I hope you enjoyed the short, and that it was a good little reminder to both take care of your humans, and to appreciate your buddies' attempts to take care of you.

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  1. STOP. This was precious!!!

  2. RIGHT??? I saw it and I knew I had to share!

  3. Cassandra BosquetMarch 26, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    Too cute! Loved it!