Harper Watched: Chuck

You guys may remember last week I posted about how I was watching Chuck. Well, thanks to the magic of Spring Break, I've officially finished Chuck. You should read that post before you read this one, because I'm not gonna cover the same ground twice.

Chuck was a consistently good show. The character growth and pacing were really notable in my opinion, because so many shows struggle with those things. It balanced both the satisfaction needed in closing each episode and the need for an over-arching plot that made you want more and explored more complicated plots than what can be accomplished in a 44 minute segment.

I totally recommend checking out this show if you've ever wanted to watch a high-concept, high-stakes spy comedy.

As the show progresses and Chuck gets integrated into the spy team, I will admit that some of the bad-assness of the spy aspects diminished-- more specifically the government seemed much more prone to making idiot mistakes. Maybe that's just because as Chuck gets deeper in, he gets to see more of the flaws and the awe wears off, and since he's our central viewpoint character, it makes sense.

That said, the comedy stayed true throughout. Maybe more importantly, the mysteries developed very organically. There's stuff set up in the first season that builds to the fifth season, and none of it feels overly drawn out.

The thing that killed me was the ending. The end was good in that it seemed that everyone had reached this very natural point of closure and moving on-- but one terrible thing had happened that needed fixing in the last episode. While the ending was hopeful that it would be fixed-- it was never fully resolved. It gives me a lot of feelings. DID IT GET RESOLVED? PROBABLY! BUT I WILL NEVER SEE IT! ;_;

Overall though, I give this show high ratings. Also, A+ Subway product placement throughout. After season 2, it was unsure whether or not the show would get renewed, so fans, instead of contacting the network, worked to get Subway to support the show and give it the funding to continue. It worked! Subway footed the bill and in exchange got some primo product placement.

Harper's rating: 4.7 / 5

Great comedy, great supporting cast dynamic, interesting characters that grow pretty believably, strong love story, Zachary Levi being a dork
Sometimes a little cheesy in its humor, creepy stalker-loser-type characters may be totally off-putting to you (although they do contribute really well to the story even if they make you cringe), the end will give you a lot of feelings you may not be prepared for.

Totally recommend you check it out on Netflix!

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  1. Never watched it, but I've heard that it's great! xx, Elizabeth


  2. It's really good :) I highly recommend it.