PINCHme Product Reviews

I received free items and compensation in return for this post. I do not ever endorse products I don't feel good about. All opinions are honest and my own. 

So I received some products from a trial product box service called PINCHme! Sign up with PINCHme and you'll be able to pick products to try totally for free! They release new products every couple weeks, log on when it happens to get the best pick, and then get them delivered to you 100% free! Try the product, tell the brands what you think about the product, and earn rewards for sampling and reviewing more stuff-- yeah, you can get free stuff for signing up and reviewing even more free stuff! Crazy cool right?

Anyway, here's what came out of my PINCHme box!

So here's what I thought about everything I got.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo - I really liked the scent and texture of the shampoo. The scent was really fresh without smelling heavily perfumed. It was also more creamy like a conditioner almost. It also wasn't really astringent feeling. I shy away from shampoos that feel really harsh, like they'll strip the natural oils from my hair. I've used it twice now, and I really like how it lathers in a really airy way like the shampoo is going pretty fair.

South Beach Diet Chocolate Caramel Nut Bar - So, I'm really not a fan of so-called diet foods. Which probably explains my weight gain. More so than that, if it's not something fresh/natural looking and it claims to be "diet," I assume that means it's filled with poorly flavored food substitutes created in a lab like a shoddy imitation of "real food."I was pleasantly surprised by the South Beach Diet snack bar! It tastes chocolatey about on par with your typical Milky Way bar, and sweet as well with a light caramel. There was also something like nougat in there, but it tasted like it was made with something more healthy and full of fiber, presumably to give one that "filling" feeling. I actually ate half of it and felt pretty satisfied-- I'd equate half of this with one or maybe one and a half fun-sized Milky Way. So the whole thing was a decent snack. I definitely don't think this is a meal substitute, but I guess that's why it's a snack bar and not a breakfast bar! This is a really good replacement for a snickers or a donut for those tempted by their sugar tooth!

Reviver Dry Deodorant for Clothes - Literally, when I saw this I was baffled and astounded. How on earth have we developed the technology to deodorize fabrics-- without even spraying a spray? And this thing is reusable! And then I kind of thought about it a little bit and realized my level of amazement was kind of stupid given that the internet was developed within my short life time and we now have in our phones the kind of processing power that needed to be housed in skyscrapers a few decades ago. Nonetheless, this is way cool! While perfume is all well and good, there's a real benefit to getting rid of the offending odors. I'm sure we've all had to use a particularly rank public bathroom at some point and then freaked out that the scent lingered in a jacket or sweater. This is also super small and comes in a resealable baggie to retain the freshness-- stash it in your backpack or purse with ease!

Check out PINCHme if you're interested in getting to pick samples to try like the ones I got! They're releasing a new set of items to try on April 1st.

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  1. Very nifty, may have to look into this service!

  2. Awesome! I got that shampoo stuff too, and I'm really looking forward to trying it! xx, Elizabeth

  3. I recently started using PinchMe too, I got a delicious Gevalia Mocha Latte K cup!