Re-Watching: Sailor Moon!

I have recommitted myself to my endeavor to rewatch all of Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon was so important to my childhood. There was so much about it that would shape my worldviews-- and I know that sounds silly because it's a magical girl anime that starts out with this idiotic, lazy, whiny middle school girl finding out she's got to save the world and her friends-- but it is absolutely true.

Rewatching it is so fun because it's often cheesy, and full of some really typical and hilarious anime tropes since it's pretty old, but it still totally has my emotions because even though I can now see how silly the animation and dialog are, when I watch it, the eight year-old in me watches too.

I totally recommend you indulge in this show in your free time. Also, I made this coolio free ringtone with the Sailor Jupiter theme that also appears in many battle sequences! As I was watching, it struck me like lightning (get it??) that I absolutely needed that to be my ringtone!

My favorite Sailor Scout is definitely Sailor Mars though-- it almost hurts me how Sailor Mars I am sometimes.

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  1. So fun! I never really watched this as a kid,but a lot of my friends did. I think it's terribly important to revisit the things you loved in your childhood, as they often have a huge impact on the person you've become. Have fun! xx, Elizabeth

  2. Sailor is my childhood superhero! I love the show and her and I really need to watch the original before they make the remake. I actually got to see the voice actors for the show last month at at con in my state. They were really funny and cool to talk to, but the con was crappy and I didn't get an autograph. Oh well, still love this show!

  3. SO ESSENTIAL! I still have never been to a con (It's killing me) but I hope to go someday soon! That's really awesome that you got to see them though!

  4. I love it so much! Actually, I revisit like a manga or anime from my childhood every summer-- so much fun :)