The Macy's App: Saving Me From Mall-less-ness

This post is sponsored by Macy's! I received a gift card from Macy's. I only recommend products that I would use personally.

There are a lot of cool things about living in Williamsburg. The lack of a mall is not one of them. I honestly could not even tell you where the nearest Macy's even IS. (Actually, I just looked it up on Macy's Store Locator and it's a couple towns over.) Luckily, even though the #macyscampustour isn't physically located near my campus, it is totally accessible thanks to the magic of technology.

I'm a busy lady. Between my studies and my hardcore netflixing, I don't have a lot of room in my schedule to go driving out of my geographical comfort zone (aka the areas in which I have enough geographical knowledge to eventually find my way back home) in search of cute clothes. Like most children of the digital age, I'm a big fan of when the shopping comes to me.

Naturally, I was all about the Macy's App (for iOS and Android) which allows me to check out and buy clothes, accessories, etc. from my phone. I downloaded it and it was super easy to use.

Benefits of the Macy's App

  • I can use it in my PJs. Or sweats. I don't need to do my make up or anything! I can shop without all the hassle of getting ready to go shopping. 
  • I can use it in my dorm room. I can shop without leaving my covers! No judgy expressions of passers by. No accidentally running into your ex.
  • Sizing charts on all the items-- because something has to make up for not being able to try them on beforehand!
  • Checkout is easy. If you can text, you can check out on the Macy's app!
  • Coupon Codes and Discount sections-- whoa whoa whoa! You can totally get deals on your Macy's app you may not have even known about in store, because they TELL YOU the applicable coupon codes right on the item description!
  • Super easy search: tons of filter and sorting tools, a search function, and you can even use the product number-- I found that super helpful when looking at items I'd been pining for online and then found in-app!
  • You don't get lost in the different store sections. The Macy's app has a super simple home page that makes it crazy easy to find what you need. I'm totally that girl who can't ever remember where she parked and goes in circles inside of Macy's when I'm physically there, so if you're directionally challenged like me, you will enjoy the fact that everything is easy to find and you won't get lost in the Shoe Department (at least not literally).
  • It tells you exactly which sizes are in stock in which colors. 
  • The email order notifications are A+! You'll know when it's shipped, how many shipments (if your stuff is coming in multiple shipments), and they'll update you as each thing is shipped with its tracking information and built in link to track your package. Also it has pictures so you know what's in which shipment, which I like, because sometimes I can't remember what I ordered.
  • You can win prizes-- wait what??

Yes. You can win super cool stuff with the Macy's Spin and Win game! They've got $100,000 of prizes they're giving out! All you have to do is download the app through March and you can spin the wheel and try your luck-- and you get 5 plays per day! Check out more Macy's goodness including links to download the app and info on the game at

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