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Livin and Lovin

I'm 19, a college sophomore in Southern California. I like food, writing, dressing up, traveling, my boyfriend, and Jesus, and my blog is a reflection of all of that.
What is your favorite way to spend a spring day?
I like sleeping... or sitting outside with some cold drink or an acai bowl!
What are your hopes for this summer?
I just hope to get to spend some time expanding my blog and traveling! It looks like I'll definitely get a chance to do both!
What five things do you never leave the house without?
My phone, my wallet, my rings, something on my arm, and a place to put my phone/wallet/etc (like a bag or some pockets). 

Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses is an inspiration blog about blossoming happiness in life and love, with a full dosage of fashion and beauty to boot. It's all from the perspective of a blossoming city woman at Tory Burch and John Legend's alma mater. I've probably had a cup o' green tea and changed my hairstyle twice today already.
What is your favorite way to spend a spring day?
I like long walks on the beach...Kidding! (But not really kidding...). In spring, I love grabbing a good book and an iced coffee and going to sit somewhere to grab soak up some VItamin D. That is bliss.
What are your hopes for this summer?
I'll be doing a marketing internship for a huge retailer, so I'm stoked. But my summer hopes? I have three.
1. Find one (at least!) mentor.2. Ramp up the blog into hyperdrive (whatever that means).3. Start learning Polish and do a forearm stand in yoga.

What five things do you never leave the house without?
1. A smile. Seriously. There's a sign on my mirror so I never forget.
2. A joke. You never know when you'll need a good icebreaker.
3. A goal. Gotta have some sorta mission to accomplish. Even if that mission is "Go relax and do nothing for two hours."
4. A way...to help someone else. It's important to always be ready for superwoman-esque action, because you never know when one of your talents will be needed most! Maybe #4 shoulda been a superwoman cape...
5. My iPhone.

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