Happy Birthday to Me!

Hey world! Today I'm 21 years old! In America, this is kind of a big deal, because this is the first year you are able to legally drink. In the past year I've accomplished a lot and I've struggled with a lot. My depression and anxiety escalated a bit and I've taken steps to get it under control-- which can be really hard when anxiety says "run away!!" and depression says "there's no point in even trying." That said though, I know people struggle with much worse things-- much scarier, less treatable things than my anxiety and depression-- so I try to stay positive. I moved to New York for the summer last year lived my dream of being in that city, and made so many friends! I loved that city and now I know that's where I wanna go post-grad! I also met some amazing people like Dulé Hill, got to work with Macy's on this blog, redesigned my site, saw a lot of amazing shows, visited Google, and felt so comforted knowing that the world is so much bigger than school-- and I'm honestly more ready for that than I am to stay here another year. I will finish out my degree, but I can't say I find schoolwork more satisfying than working in New York. I have just one more year of school left!

Today, I don't have a ton of big plans. As someone who doesn't drink, I'm not planning a big birthday smashfest. Since I know someone is going to ask me more specifically why I don't drink, I'm going to run it down right here:
  • I don't like the alcohol part of alcohol. It doesn't taste good, plain and simple.
  • I don't like wine. I know it's an acquired taste, but I'm certainly nowhere near that point. 
  • I don't like most fruity flavors. It's weird, I know, but since most of the stuff used to make alcohol more palatable is fruity, I'm not super hopeful I'll find a lot of stuff I'll like.
  • It gives me a tummy ache and makes me sleepy. Sorry if that's like, the lamest thing you've ever heard an adult say in you life, but it's true! 
  • I have such an outgoing personality in general, that I genuinely don't feel like I need to drink to do the things I want to do.
  • I am really, really clumsy, and I cannot tempt the fates.
  • I don't like the idea of not being in total control of what I'm doing. My brain has enough going on in it that I don't want to lose my grip on those things. It sounds like I'm uptight and need to let loose, but it's actually anything but, and my concern is like, making it overtly obvious how much I hate people sometimes, or getting super weepy at inappropriate times, or getting really handsy with people.
I kinda want to grow to enjoy alcohol and be one of those fancy people who makes great drinks and laughs like a sophisticated movie star from the 40s, but that's a long way off for me. I'll stick to chocolate milk for now....

(Wow I'm so lame, hahaha!)

Anyway, so now you know that I'm not looking forward to a big blow-out of booze, and living in Colonial Williamsburg, there's not a whole ton to do, so I'm expecting to just spend today hanging out with my friends. Low-key, you know? 

But I do have one big hope for today, and that's to raise $100 for the American Cancer Society! 

The American Cancer Society works to fund research and support cancer patients and their families. They'll even help make care more affordable, which is a really big deal, because those in dire financial straits might be handed a death sentence if it weren't for the support of ACS. 

I'm participating in Relay for Life at W&M, which is an all-night ACS fundraiser in which we walk around a track in shifts all night, as well as honor those in our lives and community affected by cancer, bond with each other, and have fun for a great cause. Cancer never sleeps, and at Relay for Life, neither will we. If you want, you can see if there is a Relay for Life being organized in your community, or you can help organize one yourself at relayforlife.org. Please consider contributing to my campaign!

As previously mentioned, today is my birthday, and I'm hoping to raise at least $100 today! Every day, the American Cancer Society helps 400 more people celebrate their birthday-- 400 people that wouldn't have made it to their birthday without ACS's support. Even if you don't put a dollar in for me, consider putting in some money for one of the 400 people celebrating their birthday with me today, who wouldn't be without the support of ACS. Put in $1. $3.50. $5. $20. Even a dollar helps! Buy one less song off iTunes, or maybe skip your fancy latte for a regular coffee. 

Also, don't forget after that to enter the giveaway I'm running with some other bloggers who are celebrating their birthday this month!

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  1. Happy birthday! I totally agree with the outgoing personality thing--I feel like if you NEED alcohol to have fun, then there must be something wrong with you. I hope you have an awesome (and memorable) birthday!

  2. I don't think there's anything wrong with needing alcohol to loosen up-- but I definitely don't think I'm one of those people lol!
    I had a great birthday-- thank you!

  3. You literally have THE most inspiring posts! As someone who also struggles with anxiety and depression, I know how hard it can be--any bad day becomes THAT much worse. And, although I do drink alcohol, totally agree about the in-control part. So many of my friends drink to black out or whatever, but that terrifies me. I like to drink enough to feel a bit loosened up, but not so much that I'm incoherent/stumbling/etc.

  4. Katherine Annika CutarApril 9, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    Belated happy birthday! I love your blog so much! I looks so cozy. Followed you on Bloglovin. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)


    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts

  5. Thanks Chloe!!
    Omg, I cannot imagine blacking out. That's TERRIFYING! I can't believe some people do that on purpose! :O
    Someday we should have a fancy wine and cheese party together.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I like drinking in social settings, but it is so important to know your limits. Just having a drink or two does not make you out of control, it's when you pass the limits that you don't have control of your actions. Personally, I'm a wine girl - it's so yummy! My boyfriend doesn't drink at all and has never been drunk. He is allergic, as many people of Asian decent are (he is Chinese). Apparently they lack the enzyme that breaks it down. He too gets a tummy ache, but also turns red, and gets hot & short of breath. If I had that reaction, I wouldn't drink either! Oh and he hates the taste too. When I have a drink that I swear has nothing in it, he thinks it's strong - it's so funny! Oh well, I guess I drink enough for the both of us anyway ;)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  7. I just had to take care of my roommate last night after she had a few too many on an empty stomach. She woke up this morning and said "I made some bad choices" lol. I said it happens, and it's okay. She handles her liquor much better than me-- I'm so wimpy I can only handle a few sips!
    My mom is also allergic to alcohol so I totally know what that's like. My dad can drink just fine. I am not sure whether or not I'm allergic-- maybe that's why I'm so bad at drinking! I don't get the Asian glow though, so it's hard to tell.
    I hope someday I can drink a little more-- right now I'm actually pretty embarrassing, lol