Weekend Links 05.30.2014

I'm getting ready to move to New York for my internship this summer! You should follow my instagram for updates on that since the moving process is pretty hectic, and there will be a lot less blogging and a lot more instagramming happening.

18 Rules of Living from the Dalai Lama >>>

See Broadway and Off-Broadway shows for less with this service for students >>>

Whether you're prepping to travel or just daydreaming about it, check out the Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette, to know about expectations for tipping, dining, and gestures you didn't know were rude >>>

5 Quick Fixes to Fight the Blues >>>

3 Ways to Simplify Your Life Today and Save Time Tomorrow >>>

The Radical Self-Love Manifesto (a MUST-Read!) >>>

Top 50 Foreign Films of the Last Decade >>>

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Livin' and Lovin' Blogiversary Giveaway!

You may remember my awesome sponsor, Kriselle of Livin' and Lovin' blog from the spotlight I did last week. Livin' and Lovin' is celebrating its first birthday/blogiversary! Naturally, Kriselle is celebrating in a big fun way for all her supporters and readers!

Part of Kriselle's big #LNLblogturnsone celebration is an awesome giveaway that I got to be a part of. If you're following me on bloglovin and/or twitter, you're already entitled to entries to win some awesome prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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To the Men who are "Not All Men"

I'm going on a rant because I am seeing so much "not all men" and "he clearly had a mental illness wah wah misogyny is not a problem" happening in the discussions surrounding an incident in which six people were murdered because of women being women, meaning women having the same ability to have thoughts and feelings and decision-making processes like most humans, while also having the sex organs that the perpetrator believed had wrongfully been stolen from his "deserving" clutches.
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Weekend Links 05.25.2014

I haven't done weekend links in like months. It's a long weekend, so I figured this might be a good time to start up again.

In case you don't follow Disney as closely as I do, The Big Hero 6 Trailer >>>

How "Men's Right Activism" cultivates the deadly misogyny >>>

Crystal Kay's "Kirakuni" is a great song for any weekend >>>

Emma Approved starts up again soon so catch up if you haven't seen this amazing Jane Austen series! >>>

Pamela Anderson on rape and recovery-- You shouldn't have to cut sex out of your identity to have your experience as a victim matter >>>

Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton, CA, your new girl-crush / role-model >>>

People our age don't understand racism (aka, things you need to know so you can fight it) >>>

"How I Killed a Start-Up in 4 Hours (and Why I Don't Regret it)" >>>

Stromae reminds us that both men and women perpetrate BS when it comes to relationships in this gorgeous song and video >>>

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STEM Girls Run the World Tee now available

I haven't talked about my RedBubble in ages, but I've recently been making more stuff so I thought I'd start posting about this stuff again. Here's one of my latest designs! Beyoncé asks us, "Who run the world?" and answers, "GIRLS!" But you know who deserve some extra love? Women in science, technology, engineering, and math-- because they are so few and far between, and they've had to fight for everything they have achieved. Because they get overlooked so often. Because they are often overshadowed and forgotten in favor of their male peers. Because despite the deck being stacked against them, from feeling uncomfortable in classrooms and labs where their very presence is questioned, to being silenced, to being discredited in boardrooms and meetings, STEM women are pushing harder back, not just for themselves, but for generations of STEM ladies to come.

You can buy this in different colors in the form of tees, hoodies, and tanks here.
Sticker: [ x ]
Throw Pillow: [ x ]
iPad cases: [ x ]

These would make great gifts for a recent grad, or any STEM lady you know!

Read more things about women in STEM at the White House website.

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Shaving with Whish Body

This post is sponsored by Whish through my affiliation with Millennial Central. I received complementary products in exchange for writing this post, however, all opinions are 100% my own.

Summer sun has got me showing some skin. What does that mean? Sunscreen and shaving.

I still struggle with shaving because I want to. Hopefully, those of you that feel societal pressure to shave realize that it's kind of messed up that that even happens and are contemplating how much of your shaving is about you and how much is about trying to stay "acceptable." Your body hair shouldn't be something that people use to say you're less than anyone else. At the same time though, whether it's shaving or whether you get your ears pierced or your hair cut, it's not really anyone's business to say "you're not making that decision based on the right criteria." It's a struggle. But at the end of the day, shaving does make me feel more confident and my thick black hair is something of an insecurity pretty much everywhere outside of my scalp area. Even my eyebrows are out of control if I let them run free.

My sister is one of those magical girls who like, never grows body hair anywhere. She literally just plucks the lone leg hairs whenever they deign to arise (usually about 5 a month or something ridiculously sparse). She is the tundra, all skin above the tree line, and I am a mountainous forest-- coated in dense trees and too difficult to really traverse. (#cantbetamed2014, ya'll)

Was that metaphor a little too real for you? Yeah, admittedly comparing leg hair to trees and my flesh to grand geographical features may be a bit hyperbolic, but it accurately illustrates how I feel sometimes, my black hair at odds with my medium-tan skin. I turn to shaving to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin-- but shaving and its consequences can be anything but. Shaving itself is not fun-- it's drying, you can cut yourself, and it takes forever. Plus, if you're clumsy like me, it's kind perilous wedging yourself into your shower to shave all those hard-to-reach spots. You have to shave a lot, too, because the effects of shaving don't last nearly as long as waxing (which you typically want done professionally, and that means forking out some cash).

I recently got a chance to try out Whish Body products which you can get at Nordstrom, specifically their Shave Crave and Shave Savour. Whish is great because they are really committed to using natural, organic ingredients and making sure your skin is moisturized. They have a whole set of products that you can use to create a Whish Body care routine!

Whish Shave Crave is a shaving cream without parabens that not only gives you a great shave, but helps moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin. It's got ingredients like organic green tea, organic shea butter, organic jojoba seed oil, and organic coconut oil. It is a cream, not a foam, because the foaming ingredients in most shaving creams is really drying. I really like this because it provides a great shave, and also has ingredients that protect against sun-damage and moisturize.

Shave Savour is a Hair Inhibiting Gel. It goes on like a gel moisturizer and is absorbed quickly into the skin, so it's a great post-shave/laser/wax product, and it leaves your skin silky and moisturized, with a dry finish. It slows the growth of hair using the antioxidants of Chaparral Extract, and it also helps rejuvenate the skin by reversing some effects of sun-damage and aging. The results are not drastic, but they're enough to make the product worth the buy.

Shaving is not really my idea of a good time (definitely not in my top 10 favorite activities), but Whish definitely creates a much more pleasant shaving experience. If you have been looking for products that are more natural while also feeling kind of like an everyday indulgence, Whish is a great line of products. Whish is paraben-free, sulfate-free, all natural, TEA and DEA free, and petrochemical free which means it's great for your body, good for the planet, and won't hurt the ecosystem as it goes down the drain.

What's your dream shaving product life?

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photo credit: Andrea Rinaldi via photopin cc
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6 Power Purses for Your Summer Internship for $50 or Less

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with purses. I have an addiction to Kate Spade and have been developing quite the collection over the past few years. But many Kate Spades retail $300 or more, and that's quite a lot of money to throw down if you don't even have a real job yet. Nonetheless, a power purse or power bag helps you come into your internship feeling like a competent, capable career bad-ass. All of the above purses are awesome power purses, but are also available for under $50. The majority are big enough for your laptop and a notebook. Most of these retail higher, but these bags are available at TJ Maxx online! You can also stop into you local TJ Maxx, because many of their items available in store aren't available online.

1. Moda Luxe Sage Perforated Wing Tote - Available in black or cobalt blue, this bag is faux leather, but gives the impression of a fancy leather purse. It has a cross-body strap that is great for long commutes or in case you've got to carry an armful of important documents and can't be hassled with keeping your bag in place.

2. Izzy & Alli Connie Studded Accent Tote - Available in seafoam and white, it has a long chain strap in addition to the should handles. The studs add a bit of edginess to the soft color.

3. Olivia & Joy Chicago Laptop Case Satchel - Comes with enough protection for your laptop even during a bumpy commute. It comes in black and has silver metallic accents for a little extra luxury. It can be worm with or without the metallic cross-body strap, so it could work fantastically with someone who bikes to work.

4. Alyssa Vegan Leather Fold Satchel - This bag is a bit smaller than the others, and great if you have a smaller laptop or tablet, or only need to carry some notebooks. This bag also has a ton of great organizational pockets! It's vegan leather, so animal lovers can rest easy with these. It's available in coral and black.

5. London Fog Faux Leather Blain Tote - This bag has a simulated alligator texture. It's classic and sophisticated, available in brown and grey. It's big enough to carry all your essentials including a water bottle and lunch.

6. Rampage Pyramid Hardware Tote - This bag is pretty huge, so it's great if you have a ton of stuff to carry, like maybe if your work involves carrying around samples, models, or binders. It comes in pink, black, and yellow. It's vertically oriented, which is great if you're like me and you struggle to get through doorways with bulky bags.

Do you have a power purse-- or a dream power purse?

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May Sponsor Spotlight

I love my sponsors! They help me stay in business by buying ad space and sponsorship packages on my blog. They help me keep living my life while also putting time and effort into my blog, and of course, you, my readers! Please take the time to check them out, and click their links in my sidebar or right here. I'd love for you to get to know these wonderful ladies!

by Kriselle Mendoza
Livin' and Lovin' Blog is about anything you want it to be--a diary, your source of inspiration, your Pinterest to-do list, your stash of food porn (is that even appropriate to say?), your fashion lookbook, and so much more. It's an extension of my life and stream of thoughts shared with you.
Where do you hope to travel this summer?
I'm hoping to road trip with a couple of friends to Vegas to pig out and be touristy around the Strip (I'd be the only one who isn't of age). And I'm also planning on traveling to England at the end of this summer just for fun!
What are 3 books are on your reading list, and why?
Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors and I've read all her books so far, so I would love to read her newest book, The One and Only this summer. I also plan on finally reading this book called Jesus Is by a man named Judah Smith and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella (I read Confessions of a Shopaholic 5 years ago and never got around to reading the rest of the books--fun fact: I have to finish series when I start them!)
What's a summer tradition of yours?
It's not an official tradition that I have, but I definitely go camping at least once every year! I haven't done it intentionally, but I love it and I've gone camping with my church, my family, and/or my local YMCA at least once every year for the past 7 years or so, and I want to keep it going!

by Erica Ligenza
Ad space promotion code for Harper Honey readers:
Code HARPER30 for 30% off any ad space on Coming Up Roses!
Coming Up Roses is an inspiration blog about blossoming happiness in life and love, with a full dosage of fashion and beauty to boot. It's all from the perspective of a blossoming city woman at Tory Burch and John Legend's alma mater. I talk with her hands and squeak when I laugh, and I'm obsessed with anything chiffon, all things leopard print, Chinese takeout and really great baguettes.
Where do you hope to travel this summer?
I'm road tripping to Chicago with the Boyfriend, and I'm hoping to be NYC-bound for a few weekend getaways!
What are 3 books are on your reading list, and why?
1.) Give and Take by Adam Grant, because he's one of the most well-respected and sought-after professors at my business school.

2.) Thrive by Arianna Huffington, because I received a free copy of it after hearing her speak at school.

3.) Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, because why wouldn't I want to hop on that bandwagon already?
What's a summer tradition of yours?
I don't have any yet...so I'm all up for making some new ones. But bonfires are always a plus.

by Sockwun Phng
ExtraExtravagant is a beauty and style blog based in the United States. It is a source for reviews, lookbooks, and guides to becoming your best.
Where do you hope to travel this summer?
I have Summer classes to take, so I cant go anywhere unfortunately, but I wish I could go to Vegas with my friends in July.
What are 3 books on your summer reading list, and why?

"Full Black" by Brad Thor because Brad Thor, period.

"Path of Revenge" by Russell Kirkpatrick because one of my favorite authors, Trudi Canavan, endorses this book. And also because it only cost me $2.

"Colourbook" by Rosalyn Chissick because Ive read it twice already, and its still the most haunting book Ive ever read. She inspires a lot of my own writing.
What's a summer tradition of yours?
My biggest Summer tradition is going to the hookah bar on the weekends with my friends. It was where a lot of us met, and over the summer, we would all have the time to hang out without losing a few people to school.

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OBX Thus Far

WILDLIFE! This is a loon. It is gigantic (about twice-thrice the size of a duck)
I'm on vacation, ya'll! I'm down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (often abbreviated as OBX), which was my childhood vacation spot. With my sister now in college, and myself now on the verge of graduating, this is sort of our "last hurrah" as a family. Sad? Not really. Mostly it's just nice to be back, and I'm realizing how my best years here are now past.

The years when I could go into pools without my face feeling like it was burning off, for example, before I developed my considerable sensitivity to chlorine. The years before my feet became unsuitable for most sandals as my adolescent refusals to wear pinchy shoes allowed my feet to flourish into their natural, rectangular shape, not common to most women's footwear today, and most certainly not presentable when you can see exactly where my foot shape isn't where it should be. (I can't do peep toes because the wide form of my feet mean that when my feet fit into shoes, my toes do not reach the peep hole!) The years when my mother was far less concerned about my weight-- and she does, in that way so common to the Asian community, express her concern and love for me by harping upon my size. It comes from a good place, but I can't say it enhances my experience at the beach.

I've spent much of this vacation catching up on sleep. Even after I got home from school I did some marathon days of packing, driving, unpacking, purging (closets, desks, boxes, etc.), repacking, and a whole lot of not sleeping. I have had time to enjoy some walks on the beach, and some great views. I'm also working on some stuff like finding a place to live for the summer.

We're enjoying some long-standing traditions. A night-time trip to our favorite ice cream spot, Fat Boyz, for example, did not disappoint.
Dad + Little Squishster eating some treats // Me eating my frozen goodie // My luscious cookie dough flurry
We're also making new traditions like we discovered a wonderful sushi place that did not look impressive at all on the outside, but turned out to be phenomenal! If you're in the OBX, you will not be disappointed by Taiko Sushi.

Taiko Box // California Roll and Salmon Roll Special
As usual, I've done walks on the beach, gone shopping with my mom, and actually raised money for GirlUp while doing both with CharityMiles. I haven't really gone into the water-- which is just as well since I am more about collecting items on shore than about getting into the slightly terrifying deep blue. (I am a poor swimmer.)

I'll be leaving pretty soon. It's kind of nice to get out of the house and go somewhere sunny.

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May To-Do List

I'm super crazy about xo Mia, and Mia does this lovely post each month of monthly to-dos! Here's her list of May Activities-- her lists are always super-duper cute, fun and interesting. I thought this was such a great idea for a post, so here's mine!

Make your summer reading list. Everyone needs a good book right? Whether you go ambitious and stretch yourself to read more, or just put 3-5 books down that you really want to sink your teeth into, make sure to use the summer to do some of the reading you have a hard time keeping up with during the school year. I totally recommend the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger, beginning with Soulless. It's a 5-book series, but each one is a wonderfully quick-paced read. It's set in Steampunk Victorian England. You want machine gun parasols? You got it. In addition to the awesome steampunk technology element, it's a fantasy series with vampires and werewolves. You might want to dismiss the vampires and werewolves thing as played out, but they actually add value to the story outside of being hot and super-strong. Carriger builds a world full of depth that gets built upon in every book, and the Supernaturals are not just characters, but institutions built into her Victorian England.

Prepare for your future. If you're graduating, or just thinking ahead, it's good to start mentally and intellectually preparing for the complexity of adulthood. Maybe you need to get a credit card to build credit. Maybe you need to supplement your income so you have some savings. Maybe you need to prepare for a big move! Don't try to tackle everything at once, but maybe focus on one goal, like selecting a good starter credit card, or packing your non-daily items for your move.

Purge your life! If you're in college like I am, you're at a crossroads between adulthood and childhood. It's time to start boxing up, donating, or selling the relics from your childhood! I went through my entire closet, desk, and bookshelf after I came home from school and separated everything out. I might be hard, but you've gotta let things go! If they've stopped being part of your life, they shouldn't be a part of your home. Plus, who wants to lug their 8th grade art projects with them to their post-grad apartment? On a related note, clear out your facebook friends list-- unless you're really meticulous about your privacy settings, you're probably divulging a lot of information about when you leave your home, what you're doing, and where you are to 800+ people-- some of whom you may have only added because you shared a class or a freshman dorm. Do it for security's sake, and make a point not to take it personally if someone you rarely speak to unfriends you!

Splurge on a nice frozen dessert!
 It's summer! (Well, almost.) Get a little spendy and treat yourself to a real frozen treat-- ice cream, froyo, maybe a smoothie! It's good to treat yo'self!

Get fit for charity. Suns out guns out. Or, in my case, chunky arms. I never have, nor ever will I be the fittest person in the world. A traumatic history of gym classes, duck-footedness, and a general willingness to let myself eat more than I should will ensure that. But, that doesn't mean getting healthier is impossible, and honestly it's really important not just for my health now, but for my health later. I'm in my early twenties! This is the time I'm supposed to look back upon and say "wow, I ain't what I used to be!" At this rate, I'll be a pile of goo by 60! But being who I am, I need a little more motivation than just "Harper, you need to do this for your health." I shopped around for fitness incentivizing apps, and I liked CharityMiles best! Available for iOS and Android, you just select your charity, then walk, run, or bike. It uses GPS to track how far you've gone and then converts that into a donation for your charity! I've been supporting GirlUp and She's The First. Personally, I would avoid donating to Autism Speaks due to the way they spend their funds and the really messed up way they talk about autism and autistic people as a burden that has to be suffered through (more on that herehere, and here). Anyway, back to CharityMiles! CharityMiles is a wonderful app, and you can use it to turn the miles (down to a tenth of a mile!) that you walk along the beach, the boardwalk, or the mall into positive change!

What are you hoping to accomplish in May?
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Correlation v. Causation

The world today is inundated with data. What with the internet putting numbers at our fingertips and giving anyone the opportunity to spread information, it's really important to understand the difference between correlation and causation. Correlation means that things seem to move together in terms of data fluctuations. It doesn't mean that one thing causes another, or vice versa. Being a psych student, they really drill this into you.

Conflating correlation and causation can lead to making dangerous assumptions. There are people refusing to vaccinate their children based on the idea that it might be linked to autism, when really, most scientists agree that there is no causal relationship, and the rise in autism is more likely a result of better diagnosis and understanding of the broad autism spectrum, as well as the heightened desire for parents to have their children who may be exhibiting symptoms to see a health professional, which just happened to be timed alongside more compulsory vaccines. There is, however, a very real causal relationship between a lack of vaccinations and a rise in illness.

Although the Correlation/Causation discussion tends to be pretty serious in academia, it can also be hilarious. Check out these hilarious correlations-- that would be really hilarious if you were to propose that correlation is the same as causation. For example, the Marriage rate in Alabama has a .9 correlation with the rate of death by powerline electrocutions. Wanna save some lives? Tell people not to get married in Alabama, and there will be one less death by powerline electrocution.

Sure, it might be a totally dorky thing to find amusing, but I thought I'd share it anyway!

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Sargento Ultra-thin Cheese Review

I received complimentary Sargento Ultra-thin Sliced Cheese from Influenster to do this review. However, all opinions are my own!

You probably know that I'm pretty into cheese. I'm doing with cheeses what most people my age are probably doing with beers and mixed drinks-- trying to refine my palate, discover what I like, how different flavors work together, and of course learn the different names and characteristics of different kind of cheeses. Living right by Colonial Williamsburg 8 months out of the year, I'm very lucky to be a short stroll away from The Cheese Shop, which carries tons of gourmet food ingredients, creates delicious sandwiches, and of course, has a great selection of fine cheeses! Unfortunately for my cheese-loving heart, I'm bound to a college student budget. At one point, I was spending $30 a month on gourmet cheese from The Cheese Shop. Talk about living outside my means! I've since gone to Chee-hab (cheese rehab) and gotten my addiction under control. I've now acknowledged that gourmet cheeses are a "sometimes food" as they say in elementary school health class, like ice cream.

But of course, you can't just quit cheese cold turkey! I need cheese in my sandwiches, omelets, pasta, and even chicken, and despite budgetary concerns, I'm loathe to purchase those processed "American singles" that I was so blissfully content with in my childhood. They taste like sadness to pretty much any cheese lover. I mean, sure, I ate a ton of it as a kid, but I ate a lot of weird things as a kid. This is where Sargento comes in. Sargento creates delicious, quality cheeses that you can find in any grocery aisle. I've loved using their shredded cheese in salads and even in cooking. I've also used Sargento sliced cheese on burgers, but they are a little thick for most of the sandwiches I make. Their regular slices are great snacking on, for melting onto meats, and for sandwiches on hearty breads and buns, but for regular sliced bread, it's a little too thick. You have to balance your flavors! Too much cheese can overpower any sandwich.

When I tried the Sargento Ultra-thin slices, they were the same delicious quality of cheese I had come to love and expect from Sargento, but of course in a thinner slice. They are superb on sandwiches, and the thinner slice allows you to cut calories in two ways. First, each slice itself only about 40-45 calories! It's important to find places where you can cut corners on calories, without sacrificing taste, because no one likes the feeling of deprivation. Secondly, you'll realize that with these slices, you're not having to compensate for the overpowering cheese-- you're not adding more slices of sandwich meat to balance the flavors, meaning you're not adding extra calories.

I'm currently on vacation, but I hope to bring you guys some delicious sandwich recipes soon! I LOVE a good sandwich. What are your favorite sandwiches? What are your favorite cheeses?

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Photo Flashback : Wicked and Picnic

I saw Wicked last Thursday! I went with my friend Mimi-- we've been dying to see this show for ten years. Ten YEARS! One of the tours came to Richmond which is only about an hour and a half from where I live. It was a great show!

I highly recommend the show. A+ and fantastic! Richmond is a really cool city and even on the short walk from my parking space to the theater I snapped some pictures of some really cool street art.

I don't have a picture of the outfit I had on that night, but I did snap a photo of what I was wearing throughout the day at the FASA Picnic. I left the picnic early to get ready for Wicked actually, but the food was delicious!

POW! Hairclips - Pop-Up Halloween Costume Store - Similar on etsy
Top - Mango
Skirt - via Buffalo Exchange

It was delicious. It was a wonderful day!

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I Can't Make You Love Me by Priyanka Chopra

I'm probably furiously studying for my exam by the time this gets published, but I wanted you guys to hear my current jam: "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Priyanka Chopra. "I Can't Make You Love Me" is a pretty classic song that's undergone many professional covers over the decades. Priyanka has taken in in an EDM direction and it's a totally great song to get pumped up. As soon as I can buy this song, it's going straight into my workout playlist.

I have a pretty massive girl crush on Priyanka. She's a Bollywood actress and singer. She was in Dostana, which I reviewed a while back. She also was responsible for the last Super Bowl's theme song, "In My City" which she produced with Will.i.am. 

I highly recommend you check her out! I don't think she is the most talented singer out there-- nothing like Adele or Christina Aguilera-- but I do think she is very talented and a wonderful performer. She is super gorgeous, a great actress and dancer, and a really sweet person from what I hear!

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Marshalls Haul - Stationery in Gold

I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx so much. I can get all the stuff I love for less! Here are the things I got on my last trip to Marshalls.

Gold notebook. 50% of the original price.
This might be my new blog planning notebook. Potentially.

Quote notebook. 50% of the original price.
I think this will be my Radical Self Love and mental health journal. I have Panic Disorder and Depression, and it really helps me to write good, positive, true things down. Practicing gratitude, self-love, and learning to control my reactions to things is really critical to getting me through the rough weeks when it feels like I could drop everything I am juggling

Thank You Cards. 66% price.
I am a compulsive Thank You Note buyer-- partially because I make it a point to write a lot of Thank You Notes, and partially because something inside my soul hurts if I have sent the same Thank You Card to someone twice. It's like wearing the same dress to the Oscars two years in a row. (What does it say about me that those two things are comparable??)

Golden Zebra Cards. 66% of the original price.
As much as I need Thank You Cards, it's also really important to have neutral any occasion cards for congratulations, thinking of you, and I heard you moved into a new house. I love these golden zebras-- it's the perfect blend of class, quirk, and fun!

Gold Shoes by Sam Edelman. 50% of the original price.
These shoes are amazing. Period. Gold so they go with EVERYTHING.
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Skirts and Kokeshi Thrift Haul

I did some thrifting last week to get some clothes for the summer. Mostly skirts and dresses. I need some tops too, but maybe another day!

I did a little OOTD post about this outfit. I thrifted the dress for about $6.
I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to shirtdresses. They always have shoulder pads though! I'll be so happy to be reunited with my sewing machine. 

This stretchy dress will be great to wear at work! I got it for $6.
The coloring really works with me.

This skirt is from Dutch design house Oilily! I love the whimsical embroidery on it! Snagged it for $8.

Stars and hexagons!

I love this sweet, light cotton candy colored midi skirt.  $4
I look really good in pleats so I had to have it.

This skirt looks like it's a pear color, but it's really a nice mint color! Another midi by the same company as the above skirt. $4

I loved this adorable authentic Kokeshi doll. It was about $3.
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