6 Power Purses for Your Summer Internship for $50 or Less

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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with purses. I have an addiction to Kate Spade and have been developing quite the collection over the past few years. But many Kate Spades retail $300 or more, and that's quite a lot of money to throw down if you don't even have a real job yet. Nonetheless, a power purse or power bag helps you come into your internship feeling like a competent, capable career bad-ass. All of the above purses are awesome power purses, but are also available for under $50. The majority are big enough for your laptop and a notebook. Most of these retail higher, but these bags are available at TJ Maxx online! You can also stop into you local TJ Maxx, because many of their items available in store aren't available online.

1. Moda Luxe Sage Perforated Wing Tote - Available in black or cobalt blue, this bag is faux leather, but gives the impression of a fancy leather purse. It has a cross-body strap that is great for long commutes or in case you've got to carry an armful of important documents and can't be hassled with keeping your bag in place.

2. Izzy & Alli Connie Studded Accent Tote - Available in seafoam and white, it has a long chain strap in addition to the should handles. The studs add a bit of edginess to the soft color.

3. Olivia & Joy Chicago Laptop Case Satchel - Comes with enough protection for your laptop even during a bumpy commute. It comes in black and has silver metallic accents for a little extra luxury. It can be worm with or without the metallic cross-body strap, so it could work fantastically with someone who bikes to work.

4. Alyssa Vegan Leather Fold Satchel - This bag is a bit smaller than the others, and great if you have a smaller laptop or tablet, or only need to carry some notebooks. This bag also has a ton of great organizational pockets! It's vegan leather, so animal lovers can rest easy with these. It's available in coral and black.

5. London Fog Faux Leather Blain Tote - This bag has a simulated alligator texture. It's classic and sophisticated, available in brown and grey. It's big enough to carry all your essentials including a water bottle and lunch.

6. Rampage Pyramid Hardware Tote - This bag is pretty huge, so it's great if you have a ton of stuff to carry, like maybe if your work involves carrying around samples, models, or binders. It comes in pink, black, and yellow. It's vertically oriented, which is great if you're like me and you struggle to get through doorways with bulky bags.

Do you have a power purse-- or a dream power purse?

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  1. I need that first tote in my life.

  2. I love your picks!! Olivia + Joy also has some really great bags, but their price point is around $100. It's worth it to me though. I have a few and I wear them a lot!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  3. Wow, I totally didn't recognize #3 as o+j lol. I can't believe it's under $50!!!

  4. I know right?!

  5. THE MAGIC OF TJ MAXX :D It's normally about $78 so it's a great deal at $40!

  6. I have like 8 Kate Spades-- the trick is to hit up the Outlet on Black Friday. You can get them at like 30% of the original price!

  7. I love pink too! I have a hard time pairing it with my outfits though. I like my outfits and purses to match. :)