Marshalls Haul - Stationery in Gold

I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx so much. I can get all the stuff I love for less! Here are the things I got on my last trip to Marshalls.

Gold notebook. 50% of the original price.
This might be my new blog planning notebook. Potentially.

Quote notebook. 50% of the original price.
I think this will be my Radical Self Love and mental health journal. I have Panic Disorder and Depression, and it really helps me to write good, positive, true things down. Practicing gratitude, self-love, and learning to control my reactions to things is really critical to getting me through the rough weeks when it feels like I could drop everything I am juggling

Thank You Cards. 66% price.
I am a compulsive Thank You Note buyer-- partially because I make it a point to write a lot of Thank You Notes, and partially because something inside my soul hurts if I have sent the same Thank You Card to someone twice. It's like wearing the same dress to the Oscars two years in a row. (What does it say about me that those two things are comparable??)

Golden Zebra Cards. 66% of the original price.
As much as I need Thank You Cards, it's also really important to have neutral any occasion cards for congratulations, thinking of you, and I heard you moved into a new house. I love these golden zebras-- it's the perfect blend of class, quirk, and fun!

Gold Shoes by Sam Edelman. 50% of the original price.
These shoes are amazing. Period. Gold so they go with EVERYTHING.


  1. (Sorry for the late comment, you know how finals are haha)

    I love that stationery you got! The quote notebook is just too cute. I use something similar as a coping mechanism for my anxiety and depression too. I love May Designs notebooks a lot, but they are usually outside of my price range!

  2. Same here on May Designs! :( I want so many pretty things that my wallet cannot stomach!