OBX Thus Far

WILDLIFE! This is a loon. It is gigantic (about twice-thrice the size of a duck)
I'm on vacation, ya'll! I'm down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina (often abbreviated as OBX), which was my childhood vacation spot. With my sister now in college, and myself now on the verge of graduating, this is sort of our "last hurrah" as a family. Sad? Not really. Mostly it's just nice to be back, and I'm realizing how my best years here are now past.

The years when I could go into pools without my face feeling like it was burning off, for example, before I developed my considerable sensitivity to chlorine. The years before my feet became unsuitable for most sandals as my adolescent refusals to wear pinchy shoes allowed my feet to flourish into their natural, rectangular shape, not common to most women's footwear today, and most certainly not presentable when you can see exactly where my foot shape isn't where it should be. (I can't do peep toes because the wide form of my feet mean that when my feet fit into shoes, my toes do not reach the peep hole!) The years when my mother was far less concerned about my weight-- and she does, in that way so common to the Asian community, express her concern and love for me by harping upon my size. It comes from a good place, but I can't say it enhances my experience at the beach.

I've spent much of this vacation catching up on sleep. Even after I got home from school I did some marathon days of packing, driving, unpacking, purging (closets, desks, boxes, etc.), repacking, and a whole lot of not sleeping. I have had time to enjoy some walks on the beach, and some great views. I'm also working on some stuff like finding a place to live for the summer.

We're enjoying some long-standing traditions. A night-time trip to our favorite ice cream spot, Fat Boyz, for example, did not disappoint.
Dad + Little Squishster eating some treats // Me eating my frozen goodie // My luscious cookie dough flurry
We're also making new traditions like we discovered a wonderful sushi place that did not look impressive at all on the outside, but turned out to be phenomenal! If you're in the OBX, you will not be disappointed by Taiko Sushi.

Taiko Box // California Roll and Salmon Roll Special
As usual, I've done walks on the beach, gone shopping with my mom, and actually raised money for GirlUp while doing both with CharityMiles. I haven't really gone into the water-- which is just as well since I am more about collecting items on shore than about getting into the slightly terrifying deep blue. (I am a poor swimmer.)

I'll be leaving pretty soon. It's kind of nice to get out of the house and go somewhere sunny.

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