Sargento Ultra-thin Cheese Review

I received complimentary Sargento Ultra-thin Sliced Cheese from Influenster to do this review. However, all opinions are my own!

You probably know that I'm pretty into cheese. I'm doing with cheeses what most people my age are probably doing with beers and mixed drinks-- trying to refine my palate, discover what I like, how different flavors work together, and of course learn the different names and characteristics of different kind of cheeses. Living right by Colonial Williamsburg 8 months out of the year, I'm very lucky to be a short stroll away from The Cheese Shop, which carries tons of gourmet food ingredients, creates delicious sandwiches, and of course, has a great selection of fine cheeses! Unfortunately for my cheese-loving heart, I'm bound to a college student budget. At one point, I was spending $30 a month on gourmet cheese from The Cheese Shop. Talk about living outside my means! I've since gone to Chee-hab (cheese rehab) and gotten my addiction under control. I've now acknowledged that gourmet cheeses are a "sometimes food" as they say in elementary school health class, like ice cream.

But of course, you can't just quit cheese cold turkey! I need cheese in my sandwiches, omelets, pasta, and even chicken, and despite budgetary concerns, I'm loathe to purchase those processed "American singles" that I was so blissfully content with in my childhood. They taste like sadness to pretty much any cheese lover. I mean, sure, I ate a ton of it as a kid, but I ate a lot of weird things as a kid. This is where Sargento comes in. Sargento creates delicious, quality cheeses that you can find in any grocery aisle. I've loved using their shredded cheese in salads and even in cooking. I've also used Sargento sliced cheese on burgers, but they are a little thick for most of the sandwiches I make. Their regular slices are great snacking on, for melting onto meats, and for sandwiches on hearty breads and buns, but for regular sliced bread, it's a little too thick. You have to balance your flavors! Too much cheese can overpower any sandwich.

When I tried the Sargento Ultra-thin slices, they were the same delicious quality of cheese I had come to love and expect from Sargento, but of course in a thinner slice. They are superb on sandwiches, and the thinner slice allows you to cut calories in two ways. First, each slice itself only about 40-45 calories! It's important to find places where you can cut corners on calories, without sacrificing taste, because no one likes the feeling of deprivation. Secondly, you'll realize that with these slices, you're not having to compensate for the overpowering cheese-- you're not adding more slices of sandwich meat to balance the flavors, meaning you're not adding extra calories.

I'm currently on vacation, but I hope to bring you guys some delicious sandwich recipes soon! I LOVE a good sandwich. What are your favorite sandwiches? What are your favorite cheeses?

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