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This post is sponsored by Whish through my affiliation with Millennial Central. I received complementary products in exchange for writing this post, however, all opinions are 100% my own.

Summer sun has got me showing some skin. What does that mean? Sunscreen and shaving.

I still struggle with shaving because I want to. Hopefully, those of you that feel societal pressure to shave realize that it's kind of messed up that that even happens and are contemplating how much of your shaving is about you and how much is about trying to stay "acceptable." Your body hair shouldn't be something that people use to say you're less than anyone else. At the same time though, whether it's shaving or whether you get your ears pierced or your hair cut, it's not really anyone's business to say "you're not making that decision based on the right criteria." It's a struggle. But at the end of the day, shaving does make me feel more confident and my thick black hair is something of an insecurity pretty much everywhere outside of my scalp area. Even my eyebrows are out of control if I let them run free.

My sister is one of those magical girls who like, never grows body hair anywhere. She literally just plucks the lone leg hairs whenever they deign to arise (usually about 5 a month or something ridiculously sparse). She is the tundra, all skin above the tree line, and I am a mountainous forest-- coated in dense trees and too difficult to really traverse. (#cantbetamed2014, ya'll)

Was that metaphor a little too real for you? Yeah, admittedly comparing leg hair to trees and my flesh to grand geographical features may be a bit hyperbolic, but it accurately illustrates how I feel sometimes, my black hair at odds with my medium-tan skin. I turn to shaving to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin-- but shaving and its consequences can be anything but. Shaving itself is not fun-- it's drying, you can cut yourself, and it takes forever. Plus, if you're clumsy like me, it's kind perilous wedging yourself into your shower to shave all those hard-to-reach spots. You have to shave a lot, too, because the effects of shaving don't last nearly as long as waxing (which you typically want done professionally, and that means forking out some cash).

I recently got a chance to try out Whish Body products which you can get at Nordstrom, specifically their Shave Crave and Shave Savour. Whish is great because they are really committed to using natural, organic ingredients and making sure your skin is moisturized. They have a whole set of products that you can use to create a Whish Body care routine!

Whish Shave Crave is a shaving cream without parabens that not only gives you a great shave, but helps moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin. It's got ingredients like organic green tea, organic shea butter, organic jojoba seed oil, and organic coconut oil. It is a cream, not a foam, because the foaming ingredients in most shaving creams is really drying. I really like this because it provides a great shave, and also has ingredients that protect against sun-damage and moisturize.

Shave Savour is a Hair Inhibiting Gel. It goes on like a gel moisturizer and is absorbed quickly into the skin, so it's a great post-shave/laser/wax product, and it leaves your skin silky and moisturized, with a dry finish. It slows the growth of hair using the antioxidants of Chaparral Extract, and it also helps rejuvenate the skin by reversing some effects of sun-damage and aging. The results are not drastic, but they're enough to make the product worth the buy.

Shaving is not really my idea of a good time (definitely not in my top 10 favorite activities), but Whish definitely creates a much more pleasant shaving experience. If you have been looking for products that are more natural while also feeling kind of like an everyday indulgence, Whish is a great line of products. Whish is paraben-free, sulfate-free, all natural, TEA and DEA free, and petrochemical free which means it's great for your body, good for the planet, and won't hurt the ecosystem as it goes down the drain.

What's your dream shaving product life?

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photo credit: Andrea Rinaldi via photopin cc

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