STEM Girls Run the World Tee now available

I haven't talked about my RedBubble in ages, but I've recently been making more stuff so I thought I'd start posting about this stuff again. Here's one of my latest designs! Beyoncé asks us, "Who run the world?" and answers, "GIRLS!" But you know who deserve some extra love? Women in science, technology, engineering, and math-- because they are so few and far between, and they've had to fight for everything they have achieved. Because they get overlooked so often. Because they are often overshadowed and forgotten in favor of their male peers. Because despite the deck being stacked against them, from feeling uncomfortable in classrooms and labs where their very presence is questioned, to being silenced, to being discredited in boardrooms and meetings, STEM women are pushing harder back, not just for themselves, but for generations of STEM ladies to come.

You can buy this in different colors in the form of tees, hoodies, and tanks here.
Sticker: [ x ]
Throw Pillow: [ x ]
iPad cases: [ x ]

These would make great gifts for a recent grad, or any STEM lady you know!

Read more things about women in STEM at the White House website.

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