Weekend Links 05.25.2014

I haven't done weekend links in like months. It's a long weekend, so I figured this might be a good time to start up again.

In case you don't follow Disney as closely as I do, The Big Hero 6 Trailer >>>

How "Men's Right Activism" cultivates the deadly misogyny >>>

Crystal Kay's "Kirakuni" is a great song for any weekend >>>

Emma Approved starts up again soon so catch up if you haven't seen this amazing Jane Austen series! >>>

Pamela Anderson on rape and recovery-- You shouldn't have to cut sex out of your identity to have your experience as a victim matter >>>

Aja Brown, Mayor of Compton, CA, your new girl-crush / role-model >>>

People our age don't understand racism (aka, things you need to know so you can fight it) >>>

"How I Killed a Start-Up in 4 Hours (and Why I Don't Regret it)" >>>

Stromae reminds us that both men and women perpetrate BS when it comes to relationships in this gorgeous song and video >>>



  1. Love these links. And you've heard of Crystal Kay too? Have you seen the list of 11 BA Asian musicians shattering stereotypes? Crystal Kay is on there alone with some really amazing artists! Although the first one on the list scares me a little bit haha.


  2. Crystal Kay is SUCH quality!
    I hadn't seen that article before. I'm checking out some of the musicians now and LOVING it :)