Weekend Links 05.30.2014

I'm getting ready to move to New York for my internship this summer! You should follow my instagram for updates on that since the moving process is pretty hectic, and there will be a lot less blogging and a lot more instagramming happening.

18 Rules of Living from the Dalai Lama >>>

See Broadway and Off-Broadway shows for less with this service for students >>>

Whether you're prepping to travel or just daydreaming about it, check out the Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette, to know about expectations for tipping, dining, and gestures you didn't know were rude >>>

5 Quick Fixes to Fight the Blues >>>

3 Ways to Simplify Your Life Today and Save Time Tomorrow >>>

The Radical Self-Love Manifesto (a MUST-Read!) >>>

Top 50 Foreign Films of the Last Decade >>>

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