June To-Dos

Summer is officially upon us! I just started a bangin' summer internship and one of the coolest jobs I've ever had, and hopefully you all are doing similarly awesome things! Summer is a time to let go of things you've been clutching and just relax.

Learn a new recipe. You probably have more time now that it's summer, and it's also a great time to dedicate to developing better habits. Take some time to try out a new healthy recipe, and maybe even a few more. If you kind of want to start slow, try reworking an old favorite, like your handy spaghetti recipe, but swap in spaghetti squash.

Discover some new music. Whether you're partying on the weekend, catching the odd show, or just looking for some extra motivation at the office, music is a key part of any summer. Cruise around Pandora and find some new artists! My recommendations? Stromae, Movits!, and Cassie Steele.

Fill your social calendar. Take a couple hours this weekend to find some cool stuff happening this summer and buy tickets, RSVP, and put it in your calendar. Invite friends and make more friends. There are often tons of cool free or under $30 events going on in the summer. Take advantage of them and don't regret missing out on another summer! Don't overextend yourself, but make an effort to get out more!

What's on your to do list this month?
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  1. Madeline Elaine WoodJune 12, 2014 at 11:45 PM

    Bring an internet router too! Colleges have seriously slow internet

  2. Bringing a router depends on the college. Some won't allow you to bring a router, and at some schools the internet isn't really a problem. I recommend checking out fb groups about the school and asking for info on the internet situation :)