Music Haul

I recently came into an iTunes gift card, so naturally I bought some new music!

Pure Fiction - Eric Hutchinson
I love Eric Hutchinson. His music is consistently great, his live albums are fantastic because he's great live, and he's a really cool, funny guy. I love his song-writing, and his bluesy/foot-stomping-y sound. His new album is a little less folky than some of his previous albums and feels like him stretching out of his comfort zone and knocking it out of the park.

Dollhouse EP - Melanie Martinez

 I never got on The Voice boat, but I have to say, I love former contestant Melanie Martinez's sound. Her EP, Dollhouse, is kind of dark, and I dig it. It's mellow and a little sinister. She sounds somewhere between Lana Del Ray and Marina and the Diamonds. I dig her hypnotic sound.

"Shapeshifter" & "I Want You" off Shifty - Cassie Steele

You may remember a Cassandra Steele from Degrassi who played on young Manny Santos right alongside Drake back in his Jimmy Brooks days. Cassie Steele, like her co-star, altered her name a bit, and launched a career in music. Cassie writes really bad-ass songs for bad-ass women. She makes some great music that is great for getting hype for a night out or for jamming to in the car or shower. She's really talented and I'm glad she's making music!

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