OOTD: First Friday!

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Yesterday was my first Friday in New York this summer, and at my internship with Canary. Week one at the office pretty successfully completed. I work at one of the coolest companies ever, and everyone I work with is like a comic-book level genius. Oh and they're all like artistically brilliant as well-- out of like a 25 person operation, 3 are opera singers. A ton of us also draw and paint and sing... It's such a cool environment and group.

Working at a start-up, work wear is pretty casual. I usually like to get much more formal for in-person meetings with people outside of the company, but most days everyone dresses pretty chill, in dark jeans or skirts and cool tees. A lot of people go pretty hard in the shoe category, though, so of course I've been wearing these babies. Shoe game too strong! I got tons of compliments on them. I like that I can have so much fun with my clothes at work :)

Canary hoodie - from Canary, printed on American Apparel 
Toasty yellow tee - Target
Black belt - from my grandma  similar
Batman Skirt - Bluegreenaqua
Marigold tights - Target
Grey dotted socks - Target
Gold Oxfords - Sam Edelman via Marshalls

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  1. Julia O'ConnellJune 7, 2014 at 10:42 PM

    Clicked on the link to the company, and their stuff actually looks really cool. Also, that is a really high percentage of opera singers....
    Glad to hear you're having fun in NY! Let me know if you have a chill weekend or something at some point and I'll come up for a visit!

  2. Love that skirt Harper! The colors and print are adorable.
    The Daily Dil-emma || http://www.emmasheehy.com

  3. Seriously like everyone is crazy amazing at Canary, and the product is BRILLIANT! It's won a ton of awards already :)
    You should come up sometime-- I don't really know when. Fun planning is a little on hold til I get my paycheck lol But I will definitely hit you up!

  4. You should definitely hit up that link of the boutique I bought it from-- they have a TON of cute dresses and skirts and such :)

  5. Love that Batman skirt!
    Cute outfit

  6. Thanks Joie! I bought it from a boutique in Williamsburg VA and you can still purchase it through their site at the link above if you adore it as much as i do. When I saw it I HAD TO have it!