Weekend Links 06.13.2014

This week was totally rainy, but still productive!

What these highly successful women wish they knew at 22 >>>

The Kanye West Self-Compliment Generator >>>

Be sure to learn about this awesome suicide prevention resource and potentially win some hero-tastic comics! >>>

One mom's quest to better understand her young daughter's gender identity helps her discovered how very layered and complex gender really is >>>

Learn about an awesome suicide helpline you need to tell the WORLD about and win comics like Fionna and Cake, and Ms Marvel! Let's be heroes!  >>>

12 Ways to Help out a Sick Friend from someone with the sniffles to a friend with a chronic illness >>>

60+ Totally Valid Reasons to Cosplay >>>

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  1. Yes, I need to learn a new recipe! That is definitely on my to-do list this summer!


  2. Right! Plus so many great produce items are in season now!

  3. This is a really good post idea! Might steal it. ;) I actually tried discovering music the other night...going on my first road trip (and solo!!!) so need some new tunes. Let me know if you find anything good!

    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest