A Tour of My Room

I finally moved off-campus and into an apartment! By finally, I mean like, two or three weeks ago, but still, with this being my final year at school, I am glad to have escaped the three years I spent in on-campus dorms. I love being on campus geographically, but quite frankly, being forced to have a rip-off meal plan and having to share a kitchen with 40 strangers gets old.

I have worked really hard to get my apartment looking cute. I feel happier in pretty spaces, and given how I have had issues with depression and anxiety-- especially outside of New York-- I felt it extremely important to put some time into making my space somewhere I could be happy in. I marathoned the entirety of Queer Eye this summer, so I felt adequately prepared to embark upon this design adventure.

I'm glad I got to have my own room, first of all-- it's so nice to just not have to worry about being in another person's space all the time. Granted, having my own room is kind of a luxury-- I live with two other people and we actually live in a two-bedroom apartment with a smaller study that we've made into a third bedroom. I'm probably not going to have my own room again for a very long time considering how high rent is in New York-- but nonetheless I'm appreciating the space! Anyway, without further ado, here's my room!

This is sort of how it looks when you first step into my room. The door is actually just across from that wall on the left with the photo frame on it. (I feel kind of narcissistic because those are the only photos I have in my room, and they're of myself-- but they were a gift from a friend, which is much better than if I'd just gotten a bunch of glamour shots of myself framed or something. Ha!) You can kind of get a general feel for my room from this photo, spatially.

Lighting is really important to me. It adds warmth and ambience to a space. I got these string lights at Target and hung them with Command cable-securing hooks-- they're made just for things like this.

I wanted my bed to be a strong focal point in the room because it's very prominent, directly within the immediate eye-line from the door, and it's also where people can sit and chat with me. I really like having a daybed because it's almost like a giant, more comfy bench when people visit me. Once I had completed the string light operation, I needed to fill that blank space in with something visually appealing. I got these gorgeous wall decals from Target-- and individually laid the 40+ hexagons by hand at 3am. They're gold, black, black outline, gold outline, and black-and-gold striped. It was kind of a pain, but I love hexagons so it was totally worth it.

Also: Yes, that is a Doctor Who lunchbox on my bookshelf, and yes, I am watching Criminal Minds.

This is my workspace/desk area. It's bookended by these cute little navy blue end tables I got from one of my father's coworkers-- she also gave me some shelving that I love. There is a lot of stuff on my desk which feels kind of cluttered, but at this point, I might just have to deal with it-- I'm not about to spend a ton of money on additional shelving or anything.

Still, I think my workspace is pretty and functional, albeit cluttered. I like having a window by it (even if it only looks out directly into some trees) and I try to always have fresh flowers. My failure dream is to be a florist (and beekeeper, but that's a little more complicated).

Next to my desk I have a nice little wall full of stuff that makes me happy like cute outfits and Rosie the Riveter and a diagram of the Skeletal System. I'll probably cycle things in and out of here. It's next to my desk but it's also in the direct line of sight from my bed. Every night I go to sleep with Rosie saying "We can do it!" and the skeletal system diagramming the protective, structure-giving organ system like a map of human fortitude.

Anyway, let's move on to the other side of my room. Left to right you can see the door to my bathroom (yup-- I've got the Master Suite!) the aforementioned photo frame across from the hallway door, and my dressing area. I have a closet opposite the clothing rack wall (next to the poster/clipping wall) but it's pretty boring so I decided not to show it.

This is my clothing rack. Originally all the clothes in here went in my closet and my plan was to buy a proper dresser for my t-shirts and jeans and such, which I stuffed into one of those 3-drawer storage bins for offices and garages. I quickly realized, however, that I didn't really care to pay a minimum of $60 for a heavy piece of furniture I'd likely leave in Williamsburg after I graduated. I decided I'd much rather invest in a $25 clothing rack-- which disassembles and packs easily-- and move the kind-of-unsightly drawers into my closet, so that's what I did.

This is my dressing area. It's got my mirror, right by my clothing rack, surrounded by my many, many necklaces on various Command hooks. For a while it didn't have the lights around it either but my mirror area was so poorly lit that I was having trouble dressing myself at night-- which is pretty much the opposite of the point. So I slapped on some more Command hooks and went to town.

I also used some glitter foam letter stickers to spice up my mirror with some inspiration-- reminding me that I'm a magical girl! In a perfect world, it would also read "spooky bitch" "head bitch in charge" and "adorkable" depending on my mood. I'm not about to hand replace all the letters every time though, so this is how it will stay for the foreseeable future.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my new room! I'd love to see your rooms/dorm rooms if you've blogged about them before-- leave links below. 

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