Another Haul - Shoes and Stationery

I needed to buy shoes really badly. I literally tore through 4 pairs of shoes this summer. The walking in New York is pretty rough to begin with, but since I have an odd gait, my shoes wear even faster. As a result I headed to the TJ Maxx / Marshalls, and the Payless Shoes and grabbed these.

Brown lace-ups. $20 at Payless. Thin, but really flexible and cute.

Black fabric flats. These are a little more durable for everyday walking. Not terribly formal, but sturdy. $20 at Marshalls.

Brown leather flats. $20 at Payless.

New Kate Spade earbuds. $25 at TJ Maxx.

A bunch of cute cards and precision pens. It was about $22 altogether. TJ Maxx.


  1. Looove the first pair of shoes! Good price too :)


  2. The stationary section at TJ Maxx is my weakness, so many cute things! I love those chalk board style thank you cards especially. I've had those brown leather flats for almost two years now and they've held up really well!

  3. I could always use some new shoes; I have the same exact brown flats from Payless as you do! Except I bought them like 3 or 4 years ago...
    Also in love with you stationery! I want to get more into writing notes and stuff like that.

  4. I love them and they were soooo cheap!

  5. I love sending snail mail :) I highly recommend getting into it.
    The shoes are so comfy.

  6. OMG I am addicted to Stationery from TJ Maxx too! I have a desk drawer JUST for cards! And I love using card baxes to organize other drawers once I'm done.

  7. They make me so happy! But admittedly I'm a sucker for shoes I can just slip on like flats because I'm super lazy like that. lol

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