August To-Dos!

Sorry for the delay-- the month is half done but there's still time to do your monthly to-dos!

Make your living space a happy one. I've been busying myself like a bee making my apartment down in Williamsburg, Virginia look super cute. Tidy up, make some organizational systems, and do something to make your space pretty. Happy spaces contribute to happy people.

Get ready for school. Purchase a planner if you haven't already and be sure to write in all the major school events to look out for. Mine's got all my school breaks in it, and will be updated to reflect my syllabi when they come out. I'm also purchasing my textbooks soon.

Ask a friend for some music recommendations. It's good to mix it up every once in a while. I have really weird taste in music and sometimes I put myself in a weird little bubble of only listening to the stuff I expose myself to. Ask a friend so send you some links to what they've been listening to lately, and you might find you really enjoy it.

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