My hand slipped and I redesigned my blog.

I mean, whoops.

Sorry guys, this is like the fourth redesign I've done this year, and I know it's kind of annoying for me to keep flip-flopping around and messing with your visual concept of harperhoney, but I really like this one.

The three-column design of the last iteration was really grating on my nerves. I have an ad deal that makes it so I can't widen my blog, and trying to squish three columns of content into my limited space was not as good an idea as I wanted it to be. Plus, I've been in a super design-y mood since I moved out of New York and into my new apartment in Williamsburg (Virginia). If you've been following me on instagram, you've seen how fervently I've been working to make my room a nice place to work/sleep/read/play in.

Here's a little peek:

I'll do some more posts on everything once it's all done. Til then, follow me on instagram!

And let me know what you think of the new look :)

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