September To Dos

Fall is almost upon us! FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON SO I AM REALLY DAMN EXCITED RIGHT NOW OKAY?? Seriously, the best stuff happens in Fall: Halloween, fall foliage, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, sweater weather... the list goes on. If you asked my father, he'd probably also throw in his birth and his marriage to my mother (facetiously in that order). My least favorite thing about fall? Everyone suddenly gets stupidly obsessed with pumpkin spice like it's the new Jesus or something (and I mean, people are STILL talking about that guy). (I kid, I kid.) I think in the next few years apple cinnamon is gonna make a big comeback though. That's just me, I don't really care for either.

Anyway, here are your september to-dos!

Watch a foreign film. I think we tend to get stuck on how American entertainment media moves, and it can be really refreshing and fun to check out a movie made outside the US. You can go the critically-acclaimed route and watch something like Amelie, a whimsical French film that's a favorite of mine, or go totally crazy goofy with something like Dostana, a Bollywood romantic comedy.

Reinforce the buttons on your favorite coat and buy some nice socks. It's the little things that can really brighten a day. I really like taking the time to stitch up all the buttons on my coats, making sure they'll hold all fall and winter. I hate losing buttons! I also try to buy one really sturdy pair of socks (I like bamboo fibers best) that are super comfortable and supportive, and one cutesy pair of socks with a silly design on them. It seems silly but new socks are exciting to me for some reason.

Start thinking about your Halloween costume. I am such a total dork for Halloween. I get really into it and usually throw together my own costume, so I try to start getting stuff together around September. Midterms start rolling in during October, so if I wait til then I'm usually unhappy with the results. This year, I kind of want to do a little group thing as the Heathers (+ Veronica?) from Heathers The Musical. I mean, the movie costumes were great and everything, but the creative team for the Musical modernized the silhouettes so they make much cuter outfits now.

What are your favorite (and least favorite) things about fall? And what are you thinking about being for Halloween?

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