Weekend Links 09.04.2014

This week has been school school school! I'm running around and getting stuff done, and it feels good. The humidity is definitely taking its toll on me though-- it makes me super sleepy. Sometimes I'll go to bed at 8pm because the humidity has sucked the life out of me! Still though, things are at a slow enough pace that I'm on top of it all. Here are some links for the weekend!

Kate Gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant wrote a letter to the fashion industry, and I really love it.

GirlsDressingCuteForWork-- a fashion blog after my own heart. Body inclusive, and it's got "employee of the month" spotlights about fashion, career, and being a badass lady.

71 weight loss tips that are actually helpful and not crazy. Maybe some of them will stick-- there are 71 after all.

Just put in a year and get sweet, sweet jams from thenostalgiamachine.com.

How to deal with extreme emotions-- complete with cute graphics and handy coping mechanisms.

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