Weekend Links 09.12.2014

School is finally kicking into gear. This week I was made mommy of my marketing project group (this is not unusual?) and my Personality Research partner and I have a pretty baller concept for our study. I took a marketing strategy exam and I rather think I did well (apart from one part of a four part question that I know I missed). In voice acting we talked about anatomy (I'm a bit of a dork for anatomy) so that was exciting too! I'm taking a short trip home to grab my sweaters before midterms make it impossible to do so, and then I'm returning for a super productive weekend! It's been a super sleepy week thanks to the ridiculous humidity, but soon the crisp air of fall will be upon us. At least, I hope so, because DAMN I want it to be October right now so I can start watching Hocus Pocus on repeat and singing This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas at the top of my lungs.

The complete guide to taking effective notes at work.

A writer lays down the complicated reality that victims of abuse live in, and how tired she is of living in it. Here's a great quote:
We demonstrate so little empathy or kindness for women in abusive relationships. We don't want to hear real stories about what it's like endure such relationships. We don't want to hear how love and fear and pride and shame shape the decisions we make in abusive relationships. We don't want to hear the truth because it is too complicated. We leave these women with nowhere to go. We force them into silence and invisibility unless they make the choices we want them to make.
In a perfect world, yes, a woman should leave an abusive relationship. She should have the emotional, physical, and financial means to do so. She should be supported by law enforcement and the justice system. She should receive counseling and emotional support. She should be given safe passage to a new life. The perfect world is made up of so much should.
This chrome extension changes the word "Millennial" into "pesky whipper-snapper."

People are helping Emily Sulkowicz, the woman carrying around the mattress she was raped on around campus until her attacker leaves, carry her literal and metaphoric burden. And it's goddamn beautiful.

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