Weekend Links 09.26.2014

Sorry for forgetting weekend links last week! I was in a low spot-- my depression hit me really hard last weekend. I'm thankful it waited until the weekend to get into full swing though-- apart from feeling ill, I was able to function fairly well. I think these things get worse when the seasons change. I'm trying to recover from dealing with the nonsense of last week. It's awful to be so sad you want to sleep through an entire day. But here I am trying to get back into my normal, happy, loving head-space.

How do we create a new generation of young ballerinas who don't get taught body-shame alongside dance? One teacher took on the challenge and has great solutions for teaching ballet without making girls hate their bodies.

This video about an Asian girl with a "White Guy Fetish" is brilliant and turns the exotification of Asians on its head.

An important, short poem that everyone should read.

Obvious to those of us in the Millennial generation, but tell those old timers that you've got the numbers to back it up now: we do, in fact, read the book when we want to watch the movie version.

Lourds Lane talks about the importance of finding your song.

I have adored Moziah Bridges of Mo's Bows since I first saw this stylin' 12 year-old wunderkind on Shark Tank: He now runs a $150k business!

Have you ever thought about the importance of who you're spending your lifetime with?

And a song for the weekend-- which I found because of Selfie.

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