5FF: 5 Characters I'd Love to Dress Up as for Halloween

The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick host a link up every Friday called 5 Fandom Friday which I am hopping on a little late this week. This week's theme is 5 Characters I'd Love to Dress Up as for Halloween. I'm doing 3 of these characters, and the other 2 are ones I'd do it I had the time/money/occasion.


Heather Chandler - Heathers
I am crazy about Heathers, both the film and the musical. I knew this halloween I had to be a Heather or Veronica, and when I saw this amazing red blazer at Goodwill, I knew it was meant to be. Heather Chandler is the queen bee and a stone cold bitch, and I live for it. Everyone loves a good villain, especially when that villain is a stylish, vicious girl.

Bee - Bee and Puppycat
Bee and Puppycat is currently one of my most favorite things in the world. If you haven't seen it, check it out right meow. New episodes start in November and I couldn't be more excited. Bee's outfit is super cute and I kind of like that's she's the sweet, incompetent, brave person I think we all kind of think we are. She's not successful in the traditional sense, but she's still pretty extraordinary, and that's awesome.

Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls
Mabel is absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to name a kid Mabel (I guess mine, probably, if I have them, since I can't just go around naming random kids) because I really like cute Grandma names and she has only strengthened my resolve! Gravity Falls is a hilarious and amazingly intricate cartoon with hilarious jokes and mind-boggling mystery-- if you're not watching it you are missing out on life. It's one of those shows where if you watch it and don't like it, we probably can't be friends. In addition to being a great character on a great show, she's voiced by Kristin Schaal, so you can't not love her.

Batgirl - DC Comics
As someone who seizes Halloween not only as an opportunity to get dressed-up, but as an excuse to acquire awesome wardrobe pieces, I would be remiss in not including Batgirl, who just got an amazing costume redesign. Seriously, I totally feel Barbara Gordon on this, because who wouldn't want to wear this outfit all the time?

Zarina - Tinkerbell: The Pirate Fairy
Real talk: I have unabashedly watched all 5 (FIVE) of the Tinkerbell movies. As a hard core Peter Pan fan, I really disliked Tinkerbell, but I adore the "Disney Fairies" version of her, so I completely disassociate "Peter Pan Tinkerbell" and "Pixie Hollow Tinkerbell"-- it's the only way I can kill the cognitive dissonance. That said, my absolute favorite outfit in the series thus far is the one worn by Zarina, the Pirate Fairy from the last film-- with good reason too, since the outfit was designed by Christian Siriano. Corset top, flouncy skirt, killer boots, wild hair-- what's not to love?

That's my 5 for 5 Fandom Friday! As a bonus, check out this amazing mix of spooky girl songs!

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  1. I've seen the new Batgirl pop up a few times! I love the new look! Nice choices.

  2. Oh my! Pirate fairy? Sign me up! This is why I love these linkups...I learn new stuff every Friday!!

  3. Mabel Pines!! Love it. Great picks.

  4. YES! Zarina!!!
    (PS I still haven't seen Gravity Falls...I don't have Disney Channel though).

  5. Your list is perfect! I also LOVED The Heathers musical! And of course, so much love for Bee and Puppycat <3

  6. I would love to see someone as a Heather!

  7. Thanks B! I am dying over the boots and jacket in particular!

  8. Sometimes I think that and then I have an Edna Mode (from The Incredibles) moment where I imagine all the people who'd get caught in subway doors to their doom!

  9. The Tinkerbell movies are SUPER cute-- highly recommend, and they're all on Netflix!

  10. Gravity Falls is AMAZING and you should totally get on it ASAP!

  11. Thanks Desiree! My roommate/bestie is dressing as Dipper and my little-brother-from-another-mother is being Soos!

  12. Thanks Kristin! I'm currently trying to learn Candy Store because it's so bad ass!!

  13. I put my Heather Chandler costume together already! Pics: