Long Weekend Canareunion

I had a long weekend thanks to my school's Fall break, and so did my friend Sarah! We met in New York this summer while working at a tech start-up, and we knew we had to take the opportunity to see each other again, and so she hopped a train and hung out with me!

We watched a lot of movies-- High School Musical, Clueless, and Trading Places to name a few.

Sarah toured campus and checked out a bunch of sculptures.  Then we went to the lake by the amphitheater!

Sarah felt super inspired by all the nature around us, and we had some down time, so we decided to hit up the craft store so she could make a sculpture thing.

We hung out with some of my friends and played the best game ever-- Settlers of Catan. Sarah and I played it once before together so it was really nice. She had a better understanding of the game and there were less sheep involved this time.

On her last day in Williamsburg (Virginia, not Brooklyn) we had a little picnic by the Governor's Palace. 

That's us in front of the Governor's Palace! After we ate we walked around Williamsburg and goofed around.

It was a great time. Super relaxing and so great to see a dear friend again and do stupid things together!

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