My Geeky Confessions

Mariko at Gamerwife started this awesome link-up about geeks and our confessions (btw I'm so late on this it's crazy). As much as geekdom in pop culture seems to be predicated on all-knowingness and trivia mastery, it's a pure fact that no one can know it all. And sometimes, I totally don't know anything about stuff that seems like Geek 101. But really, only buttheads tell people that they're not geeky enough to be a geek. There's no test, certification, or height requirement to ride, kids. And so, I'm throwing myself into the ring and telling you guys the real truth about my geek-weaknesses. My gweaknesses. Here's the real deal.

I am devastatingly bad at video games. It literally does not matter what game you invite me to play, I will be terrible at it. (Well, I have never had a problem with Pokemon, but I never had a gameboy, so we really can't know.) I never grew up with a console, so video games were a strictly "at someone else's house" affair. I got my first console at age 15, and I realized I didn't have the motivation or the patience to play. Or the hand-eye coordination, actually. I'm really embarrassing when I play video game, to be frank. Once, my roommate tried to play Kirby: Epic Yarn with me and I was so bad at even moving around that she had to carry me. Literally. I had to hop onto her character and she'd drag me around to wherever we needed to go because I kept falling off of stuff and dying.

I never got into Lord of the Rings. I tried to watch the first film but I got so ridiculously bored. I love film, I really do, but Jesus, I could not get through Lord of the Rings. I could not get myself to care about any of the characters. I know it's about the epic, but I'm really much more of a character-driven story person so it's really hard for me to get into stuff that's more about an epic quest than about characters. I didn't find any of the characters to be particularly likable. I do acknowledge its technical excellence, but I really can't even pretend to be a fan.

I am way more into superhero movies and TV shows than their comics. I was never really brought into comic book culture-- manga, definitely, but comic books seemed like such an overwhelming task especially with decades upon decades of history to catch up on, multiple universes and retcons to sort out. Even with manga I give up on anything that lasts much more than 20 books. The western comics I do read are typically either new titles (like Bee and Puppycat) with little to no history to catch up on, or graphic novels. My exposure to superheroes like the DC and Marvel pantheons are almost exclusively through TV and movies. I'm fine with it being that way, but it can be hard to call myself a Batman (or anyone else) fan when my exposure to the comics is very limited. Sometimes I'll catch up by reading wikis so I can have an idea of the current goings on.

I've never been to a convention. Despite the intense desire I had to go back in middle school, I have never gone to a convention. It makes me super sad sometimes, but it was always so much money and time, and my parents were very much not in support of their 13 year old daughter going to another city hours away with a group of her 13 year old friends to spend excessive amounts of time and money on dorky things around no small number of creepy older men who were lining up to buy figurines of very young-looking anime girls in skimpy outfits. Now, I'm an adult, and on top of being able to handle most types of everyday creeps, I don't really have to ask my parents for permission to attend that sort of thing-- but now it really is all about money that I don't have to be spending on tickets and food and hotels. I hope once I graduate and get a job, I'll be able to become a fixture at events like New York Comic Con, and it's my dream to someday attend SDCC. To this day, I'm the only one of my close friend group to never attend either a con or a ren faire.

These are my geeky confessions. What are yours?

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