OOTD: Fall Florals & Leather

I'm finally getting around to playing with my tripod and shutter remote. For years I was always super jealous of bloggers who seemed to constantly have photographer friends around willing to shoot them. My university doesn't even offer a course on photography, so photographers aren't super abundant here, and even so, I am uncomfortable asking someone to take the time out of their day to photograph me. I'm not photogenic at all and good shots of me are about 1-in-30. It seems like a lot to ask someone to take 29 awful photos of me for that one gem-- people got places to be! But then I found out that there are shutter remotes! Oh my god, how obvious! So now you can expect to see more outfit posts. I'm still getting used to the remote-- it's kind of awkward to use but I like having the option to use it. It's a little finnicky, but I never anticipate these shoots being quick given the whole 1-in-30 deal. I will admit it's super awkward to go out in public, set up a tripod, and spend 20 minutes posing in front of a camera as passers-by assume I'm just super self-absorbed. I'm a blogger, I swear! It's not just like, for my own weird personal collection or something.

The lighting was a bit harsh, but the weather was so nice that I had to chance it. Despite the intense lighting, I'm still pretty happy with how everything came out. I got in a few good shots and that's all I really wanted. I had a bunch of fun elements going on in this outfit. I really love wearing leather and leather-like materials-- it's a really bad-ass texture to play with. With "harder" pieces like my cropped chocolate brown jacket, and big metal accents like the owl on my belt, I either like to fully commit to the "bad girl" aesthetic or mix it with softer pieces. I paired it with a muted floral dress which I think is great for fall. Fall florals are totally my jam, and I need more of them. 

I also just love collared shirts. I'm big and bottom heavy, so adding structure and interest to my top half is super important to me. Cinched waist, structured cropped jacket, collared shirt, and fun necklace all add up to a really fun outfit. I love a little leather in the fall-- it's so warm! I went super light on make-up because I felt like I had a lot going on.

gold filigree leaf headband - Icing (similar)
chocolate cropped leather jacket - thrifted
collared button-down - H&M
statement necklace - J Crew (similar)
muted floral dress - TJ Maxx 
owl belt - TJ Maxx
dance tights - local dance shop
little leather lace-ups - Lower East Side
devon bag - vintage thrifted Coach

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  1. I love the pairing of floral with leather, it's such a pretty contrast! And that owl belt is fantastic.

  2. I know how you feel about asking someone to take photos for you. I feel bad asking my boyfriend to help me out. I know he has things to do!! I've been researching shutter remotes for my Canon camera.

    And I love the jacket!

  3. I love these photos! Especially the close-up ones, you look great and I love how you layered the button-up underneath the dress! I've always wanted to do that but I don't think I have a dress that would look nice layered over anything! I'm excited to see how more of your outfit posts turn out :]

  4. Thanks Usagi!

    I have some blogger friends with photographer boyfriends and it seems like a really awesome symbiotic relationship system. Not only are they cute together but working together on the blog helps both of their businesses!

  5. The close up ones were the only ones where the lighting worked out hahaha!

    I totally recommend doing it with dresses with tank-top like upper parts-- low neck line to show off statement necklaces, and no sleeves to avoid competing with shirt sleeves.

  6. Thanks Erica Lynn! I also like lace and leather-- soft and hard are SO much fun!