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Today's outfit is brought to you by the good folks at eShakti! eShakti is a really fantastic online apparel store that offers a ridiculously cool amount of different sizes of clothing (sizes 0-36W!) and gives you the power to customize your garments-- fabric, length, cuts can all be altered depending on the garment and to suit your needs! I'm a really devout believer in fashion for everyone, so any retailer that makes it a priority to offer a wide variety of styles really makes me super happy. The ability to customize garments is an added bonus!

I received this cute black skirt from eShakti, and I absolutely love it. The standard version of this skirt falls above the knee, but since I needed a more versatile skirt that would carry well into autumn, I opted to get it in a just-below-the-knee cut. I think it looks super cute! It's very figure-flattering since I have very thick, short legs. The cut elongates my legs since it cinches all the way up at my waist and flares out a bit with long drapey folds working to draw the eye up and down (rather than across the width). It comes with a little belt-- although I admit it's less for utility and more for aesthetics. I love that this skirt has actual belt loops, rather than those idiotic little loops of string so many garments have that are supposedly intended to keep belts in place. When I wear more brightly colored belts with this (the time will come!) the belt loops will look really nice and add more structure. I'm so very pleased not only with how this skirt looks, but how well-crafted it is. A lot of clothes I see when I go shopping feels like it's going to disintegrate in the laundry after a few cycles, but this skirt is made with quality fabric and solid stitching. It's also nice and warm, which is precisely what I wanted going into the fall season!

Did I mention that this skirt has pockets? Because it does! That's a huge bonus for me since I'm slightly addicted to my phone and I hate having to choose between wearing a skirt and having my phone on me. In the customization process, you can take the pockets out, but really, what kind of monster would purposely opt out of having pockets?

Selecting your size is really easy since eShakti has a sizing chart on the ordering page. They also ask for your height so they can really make the customizations regarding length work for your body, which I think is so incredibly intelligent. I know size 2s that are 5'2" and size 2s that are 6' and you really cant assume that just because they're both size 2s you can hand them identical garments! If your body doesn't match the standard sizes listed in the sizing chart, you can actually submit your measurements so that they can build you a great piece that fits just right. Customizing my skirt was super easy, and the options were listed with visuals so that I could actually understand what the options meant-- I get so frustrated by confusing language when shopping online, so this was super refreshing.

As you can tell, I am having a ton of fun bouncing about in this skirt! I had a really great experience with eShakti and I think that between the product quality and their dedication to delivering garments that work for your body and taste, it's a company I can really stand by.

eShakti is offering a 10% discount for my readers with code "harperhoney" thru November 11, 2014! Be sure to follow them on facebook, pinterest, and twitter to show your love!

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tie-neck blouse - thrifted
belted black skirt - c/o eShakti
tan leather oxfords - Lower East Side 

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