Weekend Links 10.10.2014

This week has been crazy busy, but lucky for me, it's culminating in a long weekend during which one of my dear friends from my summer in New York will be visiting me! I plan on taking lot of photos while she's here. This week was filled with some great high points including making Halloween costumes with my best friend and my little brother and eating the best meal I get all year at W&M's annual Farm to Fork dinner. I also started a vitamin regimen to improve my health! Anyway, here are your links for this weekend.

This amazing list of things to do this autumn from Gala Darling will make you as excited for fall as I am! Well, almost, because I am convinced no one loves fall more than me.

It happens all the time: a parallel story to the Hannah Graham disappearance.

This is a handy guide on how to make your clothes look more expensive than they are-- super useful if you are a poor college student like me that likes to trick people into thinking you are fancy.

Michelle Harrison teaches us how to transition into our Fall Wardrobes smoothly.

How social media platforms are failing women, allowing users to proliferate violence in the midst of contentious free-speech debates, and how we are pushing for better. "On the one hand, these online images and words are bringing awareness to a longstanding problem. On the other hand, the amplification of these ideas over social media networks is validating and spreading pathology"

My list of movies to watch during the Halloween season is full of fun, thrills, and twists! (And a few musical numbers.)

And a song for the weekend.

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