Weekend Links 10.17.2014

This week was kinda weird because most of it was the weekend, thanks to my school's fall break. I had a friend visit me and it was pretty cool! I'm also almost done with my halloween costumes which is very exciting indeed! Here are your links for this weekend.

"10 Things I've Learned About Trauma" by Catherine Woodiwiss is a great read whether you've experienced trauma, or if you care about someone who has experienced trauma.

Brianna Wu tells you about gamergate and, since she's a badd bitch, how she's refusing to back down.

Actual facts about Ebola because fear-mongering is irresponsible and dangerous.

Not all sexists wear a neon sign, and since we live in a sexist culture, you might be sexist without even knowing it. This piece is about how men in tech are unintentionally sexist, but a lot of it applies outside the tech world. It breaks down concepts like "microaggressions" so that you can understand what it is, how it happens, and why it's not okay. Great read all around.

Is Shonda Rhimes your queen yet? The showrunner of Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder talks about reaching your dreams-- by not "dreaming."

A nerd gets real and talks about how now that nerds have money, status, and power, they're becoming the very bullies that he had so long been forced to endure in Nerd Culture is Destroying Silicon Valley.

A song for the weekend. (Thanks to Sarah for turning me on to this band)

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