Weekend Links 10.25.2014

This week has been hectic but productive! I'm getting things accomplished at a better pace than before. October is an absolutely insane month, but I'm loving the thrill of it all.

I posted about this on my tumblr earlier, but you gotta check out Katharina Jung's amazing fantasy photography.

Disney's Moana, slated for 2016 tells the tale of a sea-faring Pacific Islander girl. I'm super excited for this film because Disney's overdue for a protagonist of color and a female one at that.

Speaking of protagonists of color, check out this app that helps you find children's books by people of color, about people of color! Research done by the Cooperative Children's Book Center in 2012 found that only about 7% of children's books are about people of color.

This list of zodiac signs and what they are queens of makes me super happy.

What makes a life worth living? It's not happiness-- it's meaning.

A really great overview on Asian Stereotypes and yellowface.

You know Malala Yousafazai, the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, but you probably don't know the whole story. Malala is tired of being a puppet for the Western agenda, so let's get real and learn about everything she has to say-- not just what the newspapers want you to hear.

Advice on selling from Robert Herjavec (aka my favorite Shark in Shark Tank and one of my top 5 dream guys). (I can feel my mother reading this and cringing because he's like 60. Sorry mom, he's just that great.)

A handy guide on pronouns and people-- because not everyone jives with the pronoun you might have been taught to assign to them.

A song for the weekend. Also, I love the video.

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