5FF: Comfort Foods

It's another 5 Fandom Friday hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick! Today's theme: comfort foods that always make me feel better.

Spicy Fried Chicken from Popeyes
I am a simple girl with simple needs, and one of them is cajun-style fried chicken. Kentucky Fried is nothing. N O T H I N G.

Spicy Fried Chicken from BonChon Chicken
I also like spicy "Korean style" fried chicken. I put it in quotes because while BonChon uses Korean flavors and techniques, I'm not sure fried chicken is really a fixture in Korean cuisine. In fact, to my knowledge it's not really a thing anymore so than potato chips.

Bacon Cheeseburger
I've been trying to cut down on my beef-consumption (I recently learned that those who cut out beef eliminate 90% of the carbon footprint they'd eliminate by going full-vegetarian) but damn, I love me a nice burger. Plus bacon. Plus some slices of avocado. YUM!

Grilled or Baked Salmon
Probably the healthiest thing on this list, I love love love salmon. It's just a delicious and wonderful fish, and it has all the impression of a splurge-y treat with none of the guilt. I usually broil it in the oven with some veggies!

Chicken McNuggets
No matter how many times I see Supersize Me, I will never fully be able to quit Chicken McNuggets. You see, we all have that friend who clearly needs to take a hard look at her life because whenever things get too complicated or difficult, she goes crawling back to some terrible, loser ex for comfort. He's awful, he doesn't have a job, his personal hygiene is sub-par, and he seems to only meet the bare minimum requirements of being a human, and yet she continually, idiotically, returns to this bonehead because he's comfortable, and he doesn't expect anything from her, and he has no authority with which to judge her for her choices, and he reminds her of a time in her life when things were less complicated and the biggest problem in her life was having a sofa of a boyfriend. He's also a reminder that, hey, barring absolute catastrophe, this is where bottom is, and you know what, it's not that bad. I am that friend. McNuggets are my shitty ex. And at least once a year, I reach a point where I engage in a midnight McDonald's foody-call. Yes, that is in fact, booty-call, but with food. At this point I'm basically a caricature of obesity-stricken America. I accept my fate.

Those are my 5 favorite comfort foods. What are yours?

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