Harpermade 01 - Digital Doodle

I came to two decisions recently:

  1. Make more stuff.
  2. Show that stuff on this blog.
Making stuff helps me feel happy. Even when everything is terrible, it can give me a sense of control. I like making stuff, even though most of it is silly and I don't think I'm particularly gifted. I like drawing, writing poetry and stories, and playing around with pony beads (tactile activities that remind me of my childhood are extremely soothing).

The above image is a little doodle I drew recently on my tablet in GIMP (which is my go to image editor). I'm still not 100% used to my tablet but I'm getting better I think. Recently I've been a big fan of drawing girls who are pissed off. Maybe it's because I'm pissed off? I think a good base-line of pissed off is healthy. It's a sign of not getting too comfortable with a world that still needs a whole lot of fixing. And that's much better than falling asleep on it all, isn't it? I think I also just generally don't like ALWAYS drawing happy people and smiling cute girls. It's boring and it sets a poor standard.

Would you guys mind if I dumped doodles and other stuff here? Even short stories and what not? Let me know in the comments.

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