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With Thanksgiving around the corner, we're all turning our minds to our Holiday gift lists. ModCloth has put together a rad Holiday Gift Guide to make it easier for you to shop for your friends. To make things even easier, I made a little mini guide to shopping for some of the coolest people in your lives-- the magical girls. Whether they are fighting evil by moonlight and winning love by daylight, or fighting a tough semester and winning at Mario Party, these ladies have spirit, badassery, and their own brand of cuteness on their side. Maybe you are one yourself: in which case, treat yo self. After all, everything on this list is under $30!

1 - Pep-Talks and Picker-Uppers - $10 - Every magical girl has got a mission, and sometimes, even the peppiest of us can feel disillusioned and disheartened. In case you are not around to give your friend a pep talk, this book is there for them as an instant boost!

2 - Signed, Sealed, and Quivered Necklace - $14 - Magical girl accessories are hella important. Sometimes they are an important symbol of friendship, other times they serve as amulets or sources of power, and sometimes they're weapons! Given the recent archery craze, your girl might find this bow and arrow necklace to be especially cool.

3 - Come On and Coin The Fun Necklace - $20 - Maybe your gal is more into the kind of mystique that goes along with ancient artifacts. This necklace certainly isn't ancient, but it's certainly got the kind of vibe that says she's got some old-world magic on her side that's been passed down to her by fate.

4 - Zodiac Glitter in Leo - $13 - A magical girl has gotta have her magical look. Gold is a solid color for any magical or mythical being, so this glitter will totally cover your bases whether your friend is a witch, a mermaid, a fairy, or whatever else.

5 - Whimsical Wingspan Necklace - $15 - Back to jewelry, but this time, it's all about the animal motif. Maybe it represents the animal your friend best identifies with like a patronus. Maybe it's symbolic of their talents or achievements. Either way, this necklace makes a gorgeous statement and like I said-- gold goes with everything.

6 - Celestial Chateau Make-Up Bag - $28 - A magical girl knows how to look fly on the fly. She even knows how to get cute while already being cute-- like putting on her makeup from this cute bag. This low-key, cosmic bag is great for also stashing your essentials from your lipstick to your tampons and even your super secret super-heroine transformation wand.

Have you started your Holiday lists yet? Are you excited to shop for the people who make your life more magical?

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