October Sponsor Spotlight

It's running a little late, but here is this month's sponsor spotlight! Unfortunately, not all my sponsors were able to get back to me in order to be featured, but nonetheless, show my sidebar pals some love!

by Kelly Michelle

I'm a New Zealander living in England so my blog is my online travel diary on what I get up too. I love travelling (more in style these days), am addicted to afternoon tea, I'm gluten free and totally obsessed with shoes! 
What are you doing (and wearing) this Halloween?
Unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween however am going to make an effort to get in sweets for the kids in our street when they come knocking! 
What's your favorite fall accessory?
I'm a big lover of hats, so the crazier the hat the better for fall! 
Do you have a favorite ghost story from your home or childhood? 
Growing up in New Zealand, Halloween isn't a big celebration like in North America so we didn't really share ghost stories

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