Our Gravity Falls Group Cosplay

Every year, my main club, The Filipino-American Student Association ends October with Halo-Haloween. We spend October doing our Big/Littles clue month, similar to what sororities do, but we call it Kuya/Ate (Big Brother/Big Sister). After getting matched up with a new member, us bigs (I'm an Ate!) spend the whole month sending our little gifts with clues as to who we are, but if you're me and my (not actual) little brother Julian you also involve ridiculous themes for your clues, involve an epic National Treasure style joint-scavenger hunt/mystery, and are just generally going way harder than anyone needed you to. At the party we had an awesome reveal of who the true bigs and littles were which involved candy, and, at least for my little, a bunch of confetti. It was also a Halloween party, and Julian, Jasmin (my roommate and best friend), Caroline (my cousin) and I took the opportunity to display our undying love for Gravity Falls.

We also dragged Michael, one of Julian's littles, into this too. We made him dress as Waddles the pig! He's wearing a hat my sister got me from a barbecue festival she attended and also my pink shirt (which has a V that's MUCH deeper than I realized once you take boobs out of the equation, ha!).

Julian is being Soos, everyone's favorite handyman. It wasn't a really hard outfit to put together, but he wanted to nail the shirt. He ordered this one online, but the question mark on the front ended up coming out a weird almost-black-but-not-actually grey, and it contrasted really weirdly with the shirt. we spruced it up with some black fabric paint I had lying around from a trip to Mood Designer Fabrics two summers ago. It came out waaay better!

Jasmin nailed the Dipper outfit. She found all the clothing components at the thrift store in one trip! The vest is a child's small, actually, but combine her small torso with a character who never zips his vest, and it ended up being the perfect buy! She borrowed the Dipper hat from Julian (who already had it, of course) and I made her the journal out of a box designed to look like a book we snagged at HomeGoods. I recovered it with paper of varying colors and textures. It was a great addition to the costume because it wasn't as heavy as an actual book that size, plus she was able to use it as a purse, and put her wallet, keys, and phone in there while we were out and about. I'm glad she sprung for actually metallic gold paper, because it really took it to the next level. It was the first fabrication type deal I've done in a looong while!

Caroline is playing Candy (+ a red sweater because it was really cold!) and I think the forks are what sell it. The borrowed the shirt from me because it was the closest we could get on short notice. We'd been bugging her about it for months but she only just recently had the sick-day down time to really sink her teeth into the show. As a result, she realized she wanted to be Candy too late to hunt down a similarly green-striped sweater. She totally looks like Candy on the regular though.

My hair looks weird since I didn't have time to fix it before we began snapping these shots, which is pretty unfortunate. I also wish these photos had been taken from a better, higher angle, but we pulled a random person (Caroline's little) to take these photos instead of asking someone more experienced, so that's my bad (whoops!). I used grosgrain ribbon as a headband since tying ribbon is a lot less time-consuming than covering a headband-- and headbands often don't fit on me anyway because I have a big head and a ton of hair making it even bigger. I snagged this amazing sparkly, collar-having sweater at the thrift store. I used green felt, tacky glue, and sticky adhesive-backed red felt to make the strawberry. It was nice because it was easy and meant I didn't have to make any permanent alterations to the sweater, which would have been tricky to appliqué anything onto because it's knit and super stretchy. I already owned everything else in the outfit.

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