Things I Wish I Could be Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US! There is a lot to be thankful for, living in a country like the US. Voting. Internet Access. Free speech. But that said, these past few days have been incredibly disheartening for many of us living in the United States. The goings-on in Ferguson, MO represent a microcosm of violence against people of color, especially black people, across the country. In case you want some good reads on what is going on, I'll give you a few links:

Is it a downer? Absolutely. But it is millions of times worse for the people actually living it, and you make the world better by being aware of what's going on. I'm not going to tuck racism and ignorance into bed for the holiday, and neither should you. 

I hope to someday be thankful for a system that minimizes abuse of authority. I hope to be thankful for an end to systemic racism. I hope to be thankful that corrupt cops can be held accountable and their victims can get justice. I hope to be thankful for an end to the biases that cause people to think black people are more violent or superhumanly/animalistically strong. I hope to be thankful for an end to the murderers of children walking free.

I hope to be thankful for a society that recognizes that order means nothing without justice.

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