Throwback Thursday - Stromae at the 930 Club

So one time I went to a Stromae concert in DC and forgot to tell you guys about it. Sorry! It was back in September and I kept forgetting to blog about it. Long story short, Stromae is my king. He is a brilliant performer and his show was nothing short of art. I don't speak French and I won't pretend to, but nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed his performances.

Protip: You might be tempted to get as up-close-and-personal with the stage as possible, but Stromae is an artiste, and as such, many of the effects were best viewed from a wider angle, where the effects used on stage could better be viewed as intended. Anyway, here are all the photos and videos I took that night! Not all of them were full performances as there were a number of times when my phone ran out of storage and I furiously deleted old selfies. Prepare for a long and video-filled post.

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